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Title (1866) Acts, Resolutions and Memorials, Passed at the Several Annual Sessions of the Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Utah, 1866
Subject Law
Description (1866) The Fifteenth Legislature, 1865, passed an act to print the laws as prepared and reported by the Joint Committee on Revision and Compilation, including laws of the current session. No 1865 session law was printed because these acts were incorporated into the 1866 compilation.
Publisher Legislative Assemblye of the State of Utah
Date 1866
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Title Organic Act_page_026
Description 26 or preservatives shall consist of twenty-six members, possessing the same qualifications as prescribed for members of the Council, and whose term of service shall continue one year. An apportionment shall be made, as nearly equal as practicable, among the several counties or districts, for the election of the Council and House of Representatives, giving to each section of the Territory representation in the ratio of its population, Indians excepted, as nearly as may be." And the members of the Council and of the House of Representatives shall reside in and be inhabitants of the district for which they may be elected respectively. Previous to the first election, the Governor shall cause a census or enumeration of the inhabitants of the several counties and districts of the Territory to be taken, and the first election shall be held at such time and places, and be conducted in such manner as the Governor shall appoint and direct; and he shall, at the same time, declare the number of members of the Council and House of Representatives to which each of the counties or districts shall be entitled under this act. The number of persons authorized .to be elected having the highest number of votes in each said Council districts, for members of the Council, shall be declared by the Governor to be duly elected to the Council; and the .person; "or. persons authorized to be elected having the highest number of votes'for -the House of Representatives, equal to the number to which each county or district shall be entitled, shall be declared by the Governor to be duly elected members of the House of Representatives: Provided, that in case of a tie between two or more1 persons voted for, the Governor shall order a new election to supply the vacancy made by such a tie. And the persons thus elected to the Legislative Assembly shall meet at such place and on such day as the Governor shall appoint; but thereafter, the time, place and manner of holding and conducting all elections by the people, and the apportioning the representation in the. several counties. or districts to. the Council jxnd House of Representatives, according to the population,1 shall be prescribed by law, as well as the day of the commencement of the regular sessions'/•,' of the Legislative Assembly: Provided, that no one session shall exceed the term of' forty days. . * ' ' ' ' .; Sec. 5.-And be it further enacted: That every free white male inhabitant above v the age of twenty-one years, who shall have been a resident of said Territory at the '¦'' tim,e,of the passage of this act, shall be entitled to vote at the first election, arid shall*1 / be Eligible to any office within the said Territory; but the qualifications of voters and ! ' of holding office at all subsequent elections shall be such as shall be prescribed fty the '" Legislative Assembly: Provided, that the right of suffrage and of holding office shall'. \; be exercised only by citizens of the United States, including those recognized' as citi-.1/"' zens by the treaty with the Republic of Mexico, concluded February second, eighteen'¦'" hundred and forty-eight. s . ' Sec. 6.-And be it further enacted: That the Legislative power of said Territory '" shall extend to all rightful subjects of legislation, consistent with the Constitution of ( . the; Uilited States and the provisions of this act; but no law shall be'passed interfering:*;';. withthe .primary disposal of the soil; no tax shall be imposed upon the '-property'o?~ *' the United States; nor shall the lands or other property of non-residents be'taied/!^' higher than the lands or other property of residents. All the laws passed by the' ' Legislative Assembly and Governpr shall be submitted to the Congress of the United1' < States, and if disapproved shall be null and of no effect. ;; ; l';'! ¦Sec. 7.-And be it further enacted: That all township, district, and county offi-'/ " cers, not herein otherwise provided for, shall be appoiated or elected, as the"case;rr(ayin;^-be, in such manner as shall be provided by the Governor and Legislative Assembly 'of;' ( the*Territory of Utah. The Governor shall nominate, and, by and with the advice; ''^ and consent of the Legislative Council, appointall officers not herein otherwise- pro-fM • videcLfor.; and in the first instance the Governor alone may appoint all said officers, who shall hold their offices until the end of the first session of the Legislative; Assem- \'Jt bly,i'and shall lay off the necessary districts for members of the Council and' House" of ^' Representatives, and all other offices. ¦ ' . . ' ':;r:|H'ill!;'^ Sec. 8.-And be it further enacted: That-no member of the Legislative Assembly1; '',;*¦' shall hold or be appointed to any office which shall have been created, or the salary' V or emoluments of which shall have been increased while he was a member, during the / term for which he was elected, and for one year after the expiration of such term; and ','•'.'' no person holding a commission or appointment under the United States, except post>:;:' masters, shall be a member of the. Legislative Assembly, or shall hold any'office under "^ the government of said Territory. . . ;, ¦ ' : ..' Sec. 9.-And be it, further enacted: That the judicial power Of SaidTerritory .shall be vested in a Supreme Court, District Courts, Probate Courts,and in•Justices' '"¦'¦' of the l'eace. The Supreme Court shall consist of a Chief Justice and two Associate, . justices, any two of whom shall constitute a quorum, and who shall hold a te'i;rir;''; at the seat of government of said Territory annually, and they-shall hold their offices'- .'•:' during the period of four years. The said Territory shall be divided into three |udi-!" ' eial districts, and a district court shall be held in each of said districts by one or the '¦'l
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Source Original Book: Acts, Resolutions and Memorials, Passed at the Several Annual Sessions of the Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Utah, 1866
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