J. Willard Marriott Digital Library

The J. Willard Marriott Digital Library at the University of Utah hosts more than 250 digital collections, containing over 1 million digital photographs, maps, books, videos, audio recordings, and other items.

University of Utah Marriott Library
Alan K Engen Papers
Alf Engen Papers
Arabic Papyrus, Parchment, and Paper
Audio Visual Archives collections
Aziz Suryal Atiya papers
Basketball Video Collection
Board of Regents Meeting Minutes, 1906-1969
Carbon County Oral Histories
Daughters of the American Revolution Papers
Daughters of Utah Pioneers, Phillips Camp Biographies
Department of Modern Dance and Ballet
Downwinders of Utah Archive
Esplin Family Collection
Everett L. Cooley Oral History Project
Everett Ruess Family Papers
Fayez A. Sayegh Collection
Football Video Collection
George A. Smith Papers
George Cannon Young Architecture
George D. Pyper Collection
Golden Spike Oral History Papers
H. Grant Ivins Papers
Hiram B. Clawson Papers
Hispanic Oral Histories
Home Movie Collection
Hotel Utah
Humanities In Focus
Interviews with African Americans in Utah
Interviews with Japanese Americans in Utah
Interviews with Jews in Utah
Jewish Oral History Project
John Hamilton Morgan Papers
John Mills Whitaker Papers
John W. Fitzgerald Collection
Joseph Ellis Johnson Papers
Kennecott Corporation Papers
Lennox and Catherine Tierney Photograph Collection
Leo Leonard Papers
Linford and Richards Family Collection
Marriott Library Digital Stacks
Marriott Library Items
Marriott Library Permanent Art Collection
Marriott Library Posters
Middle East Collections
Multimedia Archives Photographs
Music Temple Visitor's Register
Nelson Higgins Papers
Philip T. Blair Family Papers
Philosophical Issues In Human Affairs Telecourses
Rare Books Collection
Richard Wright Young Papers
Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps
Saving the Legacy Oral History Project
Spanish Speaking Peoples in Utah
Susan Barbara Tallmon Sargent
Tanner Trust Books
Taylor A. Woolley Papers
Thomas Jefferson O'Brien Journals
Topaz Oral Histories
University Archival Photographs (P0305)
Uranium Oral Histories
Utah Architects Project
Utah Humanities Research Foundation
Utah Pioneer Costume Research Project
Utah Quilt Heritage Records
Utah Ski Archives Newsletter
Utonian Yearbooks
Western Federation of Watercolors Society