The Grand Marchall and Twenty-Four Silver-Greys on Parade

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Title Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 14
Subject Pioneers
Description Stories and poems about early Southern Utah Pioneers
Publisher Snow College
Date 1982
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Language eng
Rights Management Snow College
Holding Institution Snow College
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Title The Grand Marchall and Twenty-Four Silver-Greys on Parade
Description time. Your Grandfather's Livingston, Andarson, Draper, Whit-lock and their wives were all choice friends of the Prophet. Grandpa Morley cleared land, established a settlement called YELROM (Morley spelled backwards). He gave the Prophet Joseph a building spot and an acre of land to have a garden. He gave him the materials with which to build this home, too. The most important thing he did was offer himself as a prisoner in the prophet's stead, so the mobs would not kill the prophet! " Grandma seemed all out of breath after this part of her story. It always made her excited as she recalled these perilous times, and this worried David, too. He didn't want anything to happen to this beloved Grandma. "I believe that finshes the corn. We mustn't waste a ker-nel. There are many who didn't have as great a harvest as we have. It seems like the more we do for the Lord, the more he returns in full bins and bushels." The children all agreed, heartily. ''I'm sure that's why the mean, old war-loving brothers of Chief Walkara returned Grandpa's baby to him when you came to Manti in the first year." This started another round of questions. "You are so right, Thurzan. We have been tried so many times, but if we listened to the promptings of the Lord and to those in authority over us, our prayers and dearest dreans have all reached fruition! Anna was crying again. "After one whole day of negotiations with Walker's war-loving brothers and their savage tribesmen, after they had been given so much of the scarce food and supplies, they had came one frigid, hoary morning to demand Isaac's and Alnora's baby boy! It almost killed his mother, but after the threats of "We will kill, kill, kill, and burn the Fort again,' Father Morley thought it was better to lose one life than many. He did give these braves that hunched down into their blakets and stared from drugged, war-bound, savage minds and hostile eyes at this grief stricken group of settlers!" "After much fasting and prayer, and after despairing of ever seeing that beautiful brown-eyed baby again, they saw the big white stallion of a chief coming across the frozen plain. He was holding Simon, Father Morley's baby, in his arms. As he stooped to hand the baby to his Mother and father, he said: 'Father Morley Walkara's friends, Father Morley's God my God now. We burn or steal or kill no more!' And they were forced by Walker to keep this promise! Your Grandfather Morley baptized -56-
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Source Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 14
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