My Grandfather, Stemboat Olsen

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Title Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 27
Subject Pioneers
Description Stories and poems about early Southern Utah Pioneers
Publisher Snow College
Date 1995
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Title My Grandfather, Stemboat Olsen
Description The nature of (he "machine" made the name "Steamboat" something of a misnomer, but, once attached, nick-names tend to stick, regardless of the facts Contained in a cubical box about 18 inches in each dimension, the "machine" was a very complex combination of wheels within wheels resembling, in some respects, a mechanical model of the solar system Movement of one part of the machine would set other parts in motion through a system of weights and counter- weights Once in motion it would run for a surprisingly long time and Grandfather apparently believed that, with a few more "adjustments," he could nudge it into motion and it would run on its own indefinitely. He envisioned a larger version as the power plant for his ship His "den" contained other clues 10 the driving forces in his life, including extensive journals and notes in his own handwriting and essays dictated to Grandmother and transcribed by her These made it clear that his dream about his ship and his "machine" in combination with his strong religious convictions, were central 10 his life Following is an excerpt from one of his hand-written notes My views of what the "Kingdom of God" is 1 have held for a long time My views about my inventions 1 have held for a longer time. It has been my life study 1 have always thought 1 should finish my inventions first and then present them to the Church along with my views of what the "Kingdom of God" is But that is not according to what Jesus says "The Kingdom First." (5) Grandfather frequently spoke of his desire to return to Norway for a visit, but in 1915 when his son returned from a Norwegian mission, he became even more nostalgic about returning to see his home country and especially his brothers and sisters One of his younger brothers, Anton, was a successful and wealthy shipbuilder in Moss. Norway Grandfather was confident that Anton and his engineering staff would help put the finishing touches on his "machine" and might be persuaded to sponsor the building of his dream ship This prospect gave a sense of mission to his trip and crystallized his desire to go He was anxious to see his projects come to fruition so that he could turn his legacy over to the Church while he was still living He departed from Salt Lake City with great enthusiasm and in high spirits on November 20, 1915. and arrived al the port city of Bergen, Norway, on December 10 nearly forty-eight years from the time he had left for America His journal told of the pleasure he anticipated in revealing to Anton his "machine" and the plans for his ship Once in Norway he lost no time in Traveling directly across the country to Moss His journal entry for Monday the 13th of December, just three days after his arrival, was as follows 1 unpacked my trunk and just when 1 had put that famous machine 21
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