Down the Lane

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Title Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 27
Subject Pioneers
Description Stories and poems about early Southern Utah Pioneers
Publisher Snow College
Date 1995
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Title Down the Lane
Description was fun, but we needed horses So. we made them. Stick horses. We could ride fast, jump off, get bucked off, and get back on again. Our stick horses were the best "Then another day we'd think up something else. We all like to play ball. Softball would be fun We made our own bats out of wood, and out balls were homemade, too. String, lots of string, wound around and tied securely, for we were sure to hit home runs "Do you want to hear about our football teams and games' Of course, we needed a good football, and we thought that we could make anything Creative minds moved quickly Some of the fathers had killed a pig. The bladder." "How did it work," I asked." "It was great We cleaned it all out, and blew it up, tied a knot, all ready to go. We chose up sides, and had some fun games There were Clayton, LaVoy, Kenner, Clair and Willard-oh, all the boys We played football a lot of times with that old bladder. "Sometimes we would walk, or hike up Polly's Peak and play, fighting the Indians. When we were gone very long, our Mothers would get worried and come hunting us " "Some of the girls told me about your Merry-Go-Round or Whirligig. They got to ride on that, didn't they? How did you make it?" "In Earl Hansen's corral he had some old wagons, and some had big wheels. We took an axle, secured it in the ground, and put the wheel on top. It would whirl or spin fast, and also dip down or up. They were fast rides We did let the girls, Doris, Camille, Madge, Marcella-oh, all the girls liked that ride " "How about wintertime, what did you do?" "We built snow houses big enough to get in, the girls could, sometimes go in, too. We went to the Cedar Hill to ice skate on the pond It was a really cold day, but skating helped get us warm Suddenly, the ice broke in one place, and Doyce Crowther fell in The water was icy cold How to get him out, fast, was our big thought We all took hold of a big. long pole and pushed it out to Doyce He hung on and we pulled him in. His clothes were soaked We built a big bonfire, took off his clothes, wrapped him in our coats, hung his clothes over the fire to dry, so it all ended well, but, I remember, we were scared " "Did any of you ever follow through with your dreams, and grow up to what you maybe, sort of planned?" "Yes, Orris Winters always wanted to fly. He wanted to be a pilot. Sometimes, instead of playing some of our games with us, he would get a part of a hay rack out of one of our father's yards and make it into an instrument board where he mapped out plans of flight, marking out the altitude, the speed, weather conditions, everything about a plane 10
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Source Saga of the Sanpitch 27
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