People Who Have Made a Difference

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Title Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 27
Subject Pioneers
Description Stories and poems about early Southern Utah Pioneers
Publisher Snow College
Date 1995
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Title People Who Have Made a Difference
Description PEOPLE WHO HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE Leo C Larsen Non Professional First Place Essay Who are they?" Many But I should like to mention two who have made a difference in my life They are those whose name I bear Prior to about the year 1900, my mother worked in the home of John H. Seeley, a world renowed sheep and cattle breeder, helping with the house work and caring for the children She took a special liking to a loving and friendly toddler in the family whose name was Leo, known to perhaps some of you readers of the Saga as J Leo Seeley As an adult, he was known for his many sterling qualities So when 1 was bom, my mother chose to name me "Leo," automatically giving her new-born son a model to pattern his life And as I grew. I selected a characteristic or two of J Leo Seeley to follow So he has made a difference Then my father who must have loved and admired his father chose to give me the name of his father, Christian So as a citizen of the United States and on the records of the church, I was recorded by the name of Leo Christian Larsen Thus my parents gave me two models to pattern my life i knew J Leo Seeley personally, but my grandfather, Christian Larsen, died while my father was in his teens So 1 had no personal acquaintance of my grandfather. I do recall a brief statement my grandmother had made that a loving and "close father and son relationship existed between my father and grandfather" 1 have wished a thousand times that my grandfather had left a journal or some written account of his doings that I would know of him But all I had was the unspoken but apparent evidence that he was a good man, a devoted and loving father with a better-than-average work ethic and devotion to righteousness He became invisible, but nonetheless worthy model to follow Now, dear reader, let me ask you, will some one fifty or a hundred years from now look back and say that you had made a difference? Have you left the evidence in a written history or journal so that you will be a tangible entity for them to point to as a person who had made a difference? Or will they need to rely on the unspoken and intangible evidence that you had made a difference in their lives? 1 close with a challenge to you to keep a record of your comings and goings, your hopes and your aspirations, your challenges and your achievements, that some one will know why you made a difference 3S
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Source Saga of the Sanpitch 27
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