From Then to Now - A Story of Grandfathers

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Title Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 27
Subject Pioneers
Description Stories and poems about early Southern Utah Pioneers
Publisher Snow College
Date 1995
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Title From Then to Now - A Story of Grandfathers
Description It was here that my great-great-grandfather met and married my great-great-grandmother, Mariane Jensen When he asked for her hand, her father said if he would pay off immigration debts he could many her. which he did by making and selling, adobe bricks He also said it was the best bargain he ever made? They were married May 18, 1858. in the old Endowment House Large pictures of grandfather and grandmother now hang in a room in the Pioneer Memorial Building in Salt Lake City, along with a pistol that grandfather used to protect himself and his family from the Indians These were trying times for all these strong and faithful pioneers While trying to clear the land, they were plagued by Indians, and at one time Christian's horse was shot out from under him with an arrow They were obliged to eat thistle and sego lily roots, along with boiled squash and squirrel, day after day because the crickets and grasshoppers ate all (heir crops and fear of Indians kept them from hunting wild game At this time. Christian decided to plant peas instead of grain since the grasshoppers and crickets didn't eat them This paid off. and he was able to take 700 bushels from his land, which he ground into flour for his family and neighbors In 1860 my great-great-grand parents had their first child, born in a dugout in the bank of the creek Finally, despite floods and bitter cold, he was able to build a stone house which consisted of two large rooms with a huge fireplace At first they had to walk a mile to get their water from a creek; later on. however, they were able to dig a well in their front yard and put in a pump which provided them with water for many years A Co-Operative store was started, and Christian was the director He was also clearing land he had acquired and trying different crops on them They gradually acquired a few chickens, and they were able to plant gardens and fruit trees so they could supply their family with nourishing food Christian also assisted in bringing many other immigrants to Utah, giving of his meager savings He was a man of great ambition and keen vision He started a freighting business, buying produce such as eggs, cheese and butter and hauling it by horse and wagon to Salt Lake City With the money from the produce he purchased dry goods, and other hard-to-get items and brought them back to Ephraim and sold them from a little store he had started in his home He assisted in starting the first bank of Ephraim, of which he was Vice President and director He was a leader in civic affairs, holding the position of postmaster and councilman He deeply believed in education and helped many students to go to school by allowing them to live free of charge in his buildings Christian truly was among those rugged pioneers who helped carve a civilization from a primitive wilderness A Blackhawk Indian War veteran, a civic leader, businessman, farmer, father and husband, he presided over his land and livestock with the same interest in his old age as he had in his youth, never failing to go into the fields and work hard under the hot sun and freezing snow He owned 700 acres of land in what is now
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Source Saga of the Sanpitch 27
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