Chicken Creek

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Title Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 27
Subject Pioneers
Description Stories and poems about early Southern Utah Pioneers
Publisher Snow College
Date 1995
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Title Chicken Creek
Description I had been fishing for several hours with no bite, which left me feeling desperate1 Just below me was the affectionately named "river of no return," a ravine where the canyon floor dramatically steepened, and the river plunged deep into an abyss lined with thick vegetation and an abundance of rocks and waterfalls Once this ravine was entered, one quickly discovered that the terrain became difficult to traverse, and the only way out was a mile or so down the canyon But the most dreaded experience on a trip such as this was to report back that one had been "skunked," that one had caught no fish' The sun was starting to set on the horizon, and with one deep breath, I plunged into the ravine' Skillfully, 1 dropped the bait directly above a small waterfall, and let it drift toward the banks of the pool A sudden jerk on the end of the line sent the adrenalin rushing through me I waited for one more jerk, pulled my rod back, and reeled in my face-saving catch of the day The fish was small, even by the standards of this stream Measuring six inches at best, it was my reward for several hours of struggle More importantly, it represented the salvation of my young ego I found a small forked stick and slid it through the gills of my "prize," then maneuvered to the next downside pool, making one last cast before finding my way out of the creek bottom. Shadows were falling fast, and the sun had already disappeared behind the mountain that loomed directly overhead The willows were so thick that I found it would be necessary to cross the creek one more time to position myself for the cast. Picking up my fishing gear and "prize" fish, 1 pursued my plan to cross on four ragged rocks, one being submerged slightly underneath the stream's surface My left foot suddenly gave way on the wet, slippery surface, and my hands shot straight into the air in an effort to maintain my balance1 The stick with the lone fish flew backwards into the pool from which it had come only moments before. In an instant, I dove headlong into the frigid waters, grabbed the stick, and jerked it back fast and hard But, alas, 1 had the wrong end! The fish slipped neatly from the stick, fell in the heart of the current, and as a blanket of twilight gently covered the closing day, disappeared from sight. "How many fish did you catch?" my father asked "One," I replied somewhat hesitantly "How about you?" To my amazement none of the others had managed to catch anything, and they demanded 1 produce the evidence proving what I had claimed I told them of my valiant efforts in the ravine, and of the unbelievable bad luck I had in letting it get away The look of their faces told me they remained unconvinced, but deep in my heart I knew I'd won' Several years later, I again found myself submerged in the depths of the ravine Unable to safely reach dry land, I stood on a precipitous boulder and prepared to cast into a pool several yards downstream It was a dangerous cast as willows arched over the moving waters, but I had become quite adept in these situations, and felt confident that I could place the bait in the preferred location 59
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Source Saga of the Sanpitch 27
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