Sanpete Rabbit Drives

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Title Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 16
Subject Pioneers
Description Stories and poems about early Southern Utah Pioneers
Publisher Snow College
Date 1984
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Title Sanpete Rabbit Drives
Description rabbits moved forward, but some hid in the brush until the line moved past them, then leaped from their hiding places and dashed away to safety. A coyote was rounded up with the rabbits• For some time he ran back and forth through the milling rabbits seeking a way to escape. In desperation, he finally ran full speed toward the line of people. Several of them tried to club him, but be dodged his pursuers and dashed through the line untouched. However, it is reported that two coyotes were killed by clubbing in one of the Fairview drives. As the drivers advanced, the line grew shorter bo the drivers were closer together and there was less space for the rabbits to escape through. The rabbits became more excited as they were confined in a smaller area, so they ran and dodged continuously and many attempted to break back through the line of drivers. Whenever a rabbit got close enough to the line to be hit with a club, an attempt was made to club him. Many rabbits were killed trying to ©Bcape through the line, bat hundreds of them ran, dodged, and jumped through the line unharmed* When the line of drivers advanced into the end of the chute between the two fences the drivers were so close together that they formed almost a solid wall as they walked forward shoulder to shoulder. As they advanced down the narrowing chute some men dropped back to form a second line, and finally a third line was formed. But rabbits were hard to hit when running in desperation, and many still broke through the line. A rabbit ran toward one boy, who dropped to his knees to stop the animal, but it leaped right over the boy and got away. The last few rods of the drive, where the rabbits were being driven through the gate into the holding pen was a bedlan of rabbits in panic, jumping, running, and dodging with the drivers behind them forcing them forward. When all the rabbits had passed through the gate into the pen, the drivers with clubs were admitted and the gate was closed. On the far side of the pen the rabbits were so concentrated that they were piled three or four rabbits deep against the fence. The actual hilling was not pleasant. Host of the rabbits were killed with one well-aimed blow of a heavy club, but some that were injured gave shrill, heartbreaking cries. Some with broken legs or other injuries had to be clubbed several times before they died. In the fever pitch of excitement, some clubs were swung -50-
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