The Warning

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Title Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 16
Subject Pioneers
Description Stories and poems about early Southern Utah Pioneers
Publisher Snow College
Date 1984
Type Text
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Language eng
Rights Management Snow College
Holding Institution Snow College
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Title The Warning
Description middle of mx bed, with mv_ covers wrapped up tight around ber, screaming that I'd attacked her. Well, I saw and heard that, saw that her eyes had saucered up big aa barn owls, saw the cavernous pit where her mouth had probably once been, saw that she was still yelping like a run-over sheepdog, and suddenly I realized that I vas standing there all exposed in my red long-johns, the ones that had one of the rear drop-seat buttons missing. Worse, I was gracing the vision of some strange and likely evil woman whose morals weren't no straighter'n a willow in a high wind. Quick as I could, I grabbed up my covers and threw them around my unclothed form. Then I realized that the screaming had grown abruptly worse. I looked, and discovered to my horror that the quilt I had whipped around me was the selfsame quilt that had originally been covering the frantically screaming woman. Now, of course, she was screaming more but covered with a great deal less, and that was a purely naked fact. For an instant I considered sharing my quilt, for from the sudden way she was huddled down she did appear to be mighty cold. However, right off I knew that would never work, not her and me together under the sane quilt again. Mo sir, Ma hadn't raised no foolish children that lived in ay loft. Happen I tried that, I reckoned there'd be a lot worse than screaming going on. Vby, I'd be about aa welcome under that quilt with that female noise-maker as a polecat is welcome at a Sunday School picnic. So, being the wise and true gentleman that I am, I settled on the next-beat course of action. I picked up my trousers and started climbing into them. That done, I figured X could give my quilt back to the stranger in ny bed and we'd both be happy. I'd have done it, too, but just as I was fixing to do so, I saw Ha cone churning up the ladder with her broom raised in her hand* The sight so unnerved ne that I dropped the quilt, and quicker*n scat that woman was off the bed and onto the floor, vith them covers up and around her once more. By cracky, I thought, that lady could certainly gal-vinate. She'd got under that quilt faster'n a lizard off a hot rock* I'd not seen anything move so swift and shameless since Buphe^istic Lynn Barnes had gone to treat his saddle gall in the dark and got the ondilluted sheep dip out of the medicine chest instead of the soothing, comforting bear grease. -2-5-
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