The Warning

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Title Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 16
Subject Pioneers
Description Stories and poems about early Southern Utah Pioneers
Publisher Snow College
Date 1984
Type Text
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Language eng
Rights Management Snow College
Holding Institution Snow College
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Title The Warning
Description saddle and rubbed him down, and then I headed for a few hours of real comfortable sleep. Carefully I removed my boots, and then quiet-like I opened the door, stepped into the inky blackness of the room, closed the door and latched it, and silently threaded my way past the table and chairs and over to my ladder. Vith n^ boots under my arm I went up and into my loft, careful to make no sound that would disturb Ma or my younger sisters, who slept in the bedroom directly below me. For a moment I thought of lighting a candle or lantern, decided there wasn't any point in it* stripped off my duds, and hit my knees for a quick good-night to the Lord. I reckon it could be said that 1 was a praying man, for off and on through my young life I've had to lean pretty heavily on the powers of the Almighty. I believe in prayer, I've had many of mine answered, and yet lately I'd noticed that my prayers were getting scarcer'n ducks on a desert, and were mighty thin on content when I did say them. Seemed like I was .just too all-fired busy, and there were too many thingB going on, for me to take the time to pray. I did pray at night, I mean usually, but every time I did, it made me think of something ol1 Zene Hill had once told me. "Prayers," he'd said, "are like telegrams. Host folks send 'em at night so's they can get the low rate. The Good Lord probably answers 'em the same." Gave a body something to think about* it did* especially happen he was interested in a real powerful answer. But that night I wasn't, though truly I should have been. I was just miserable and tired and feeling worse than a calf with the slobbers about my fight with Ida Mae, so I whipped through ay prayer, pulled back the covers on that big feather tick, crawled in on the side where I always slept, twisted ay pillow until it was comfortable, snuggled down under Ma's soft sheets with my back to most of the bed, closed my eyes, and..,. And suddenly a soft arm came out of nowhere, snaked itself around my shoulders, and instantly an altogether too feminine body snuggled up against my backside! Veil, for an eternity or boi I froze up solid as Hans Tucker's pond in January. Then a soft and torrid voice that I'd never heard before started whispering a whole pile of sweet nothings into my ear, and I realized that I was in real troable. "Oh sweetheart," this sultry whisper continued, and I could feel an awful lot of warn breath in ay ear and on the back of By neck, "I'm so glad you changed your mni unH -25-
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