The Warning

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Title Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 16
Subject Pioneers
Description Stories and poems about early Southern Utah Pioneers
Publisher Snow College
Date 1984
Type Text
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Language eng
Rights Management Snow College
Holding Institution Snow College
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Title The Warning
Description after a dust storm. That did my heart good, seeing her embarrassed. Sort of put the two of us on equal footing, if you know what I mean. "Aunt Cordelia," I declared magnaminously, "I'm pleaaei to make your acquaintance. You are most welcome to my cramped and untidy room. Whilst I spend the night outdoors where the air is not so stuffy, I would be honored to have you stay here." Aunt Cordelia got redder, but then politely and very subdued, ahe replied. 'Hyrum, I...I'm sorry about...about,... Veil, I accept your hospitality with pleasure. And now, well, I can tell that your room is much more spacious than I had at first supposed. Thank you." Ma gazed from Cordelia to me and back again, somewhat confused I imagine, the little girls sat down on the bed and started to giggle at Cordelia huddled on the floor in Ma'a quilt, and we were all finally starting to smile when of a sudden there was a terrible pounding on the door. "Open up in there! Hurry it up! Open tip or we'll break down the door." "Who is it?" Ma called. "Never you mind, lady. Just open up and let us in!" "Ha," I whispered, "I gotta get out of here...." "But...but Byrum, what have you done?" "Ma, it's not me! It's got to be the marshals, looking for Pa!" Ma gasped. "Oh my wordI" Then suddenly she was angry again. "Well, I won't have it! I Bimply won't! They'll not tear apart my home like they did poor Polly's last year. Hyrum, I'll get the door and will do my best to keep them busy* Cordelia, you take Hyrum's shotgun there-you do know how to use it, don't you?" "I do," Cordelia declared, rising to her feet with the quilt still firmly in place. "Good. I«t's hope you won't hare to. Hyrum, please load it for her. You little girls get into your beds downstairs. Quickly. Bow Hyrum, as soon as the gun's loaded, you get out that window. I've seen you do it for Ida Mae, soiaoat imnfrinft you'll have too much trouble now." Veil, I grinned. It's purely amazing how such a mother's apt to know about her kids. And mine was a wonder, I'll tell you that. "Okay, I'll go. And Ha, thanks for understanding.11 Ha looked up at me, reached up and softly touched my face, and then she hugged ae. "I love you, Hyrum," she whispered, and then she was on the ladder and going down.
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