The Warning

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Title Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 16
Subject Pioneers
Description Stories and poems about early Southern Utah Pioneers
Publisher Snow College
Date 1984
Type Text
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Language eng
Rights Management Snow College
Holding Institution Snow College
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Title The Warning
Description came over. I've been terribly lonely!" Well, even while I was having myaelf a sudden shivering fit, my mind was doubting what she'd said* It truly was. The way this woman shined up to folks, even perfect strangers, myownself humbly included, I couldn't imagine that she'd ever had a lonely day in her entire life. Not one. "I haven't 3lept a wink all night," the woman's voice purred on, whispering but doing it in a sweltering way that made a plain old ordinary whisper seem like the dullest sound in the whole world. "I've spent the entire night just thinking about you, darling, and missing you." How that I could believe I It was obvious as big red applea on a little green tree that she'd spent hours building up to what she'd said. It surely weren't no spur of the moment speech. Trouble was, I hadn't been given equal time to come up with a rebuttal, and I was still speechless and immobile as an Egyptian mummy. "And this loft is so awful," she cooed and pouted all at once, "tight and cramped and untidy. It just isn't what I'd expected. I'm so glad you came to make it comfortable." Well, saying such things about my room was plain rude, and it made me mad! That there was a fine loft, with the beet fixings Ma and Fa could provide. Besides that, it was mine, and I wasn't about to let no female huasy go running it down. I was just ready to tell her so, too, but then her hand slid down onto my chest and her fingers started to caress, and of a sudden rooms and rudeness were altogether forgotten. I was out of that feather bed faster'n chain lightning with a link snapped. "Who...wh...vho are you? I whispered haltingly. "Why dear, I...I'm your new wife." I caught my breath. "L...lady, I ain't got no wife, new or otherwise I" There was an instant of total silence, and then that loft of mine was pierced with the doggondest screas a body ever heard. It was so loud it would've driven a whole pack of wild wolves to suicide* I even gave it some thought myovnaelf. Instead, however, 1 controlled my shaking fingers, struck a matoh, and tried to light my lantern, with all the while that lady screaming like a scrub calf caught in a briar patch. I finally got the lantern lit, dropped the chimney down, and By chin near broke a hole in the floor it hit it so hard. There was this- woman, a total stranger, kneeling In the -24-
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