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Title 1855 Acts, Resolutions and Memorials, Passed at the Several Annual Sessions of the Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Utah, 1855
Subject Law; Legislation--Utah
Description (1855) The Fourth Legislature, 1854, passed an act compile and revise the laws currently in force. Included were those of the current session. No 1854 session law was published. Laws not included in the compilation were deemed repealed, obsolete or not necessary to reprint. Included were marginal notes, index and table of contents
Publisher Published by Virtue of an Act Approved January 19, 1855, Great Salt Lake City, Utah
Date 1855
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Title Northwest Ordinance_page 21
Description dhmh'uti -erf) J>»ftffn»>* yMi } ^jrliere Jfta]fb!;e formed in the: said[-^en-ifiOTy^nof jes^ilan tfree, nor mdfe^than five states; and the boWdanes^of 4lie slat-es^'a's' soon as "yixs'inia.shall,.alter,,her, act of ..ces^ipn,' and consent to tne same, sharf Decbme fixed and established "as follows^tp^wit: n,The.,western state in the said territory shall be bounded b'yot1i/lCiifississippi,! the Ohio, and Wabash rivers; a direct line drawn from the Wabash and Post Vincents, due north to the territorial line between the United States and Canada; and by the said territorial line to the Lake of the Woods and Mississippi. The middle state shall be bounded by the said direct line, the Wabash from- Post Vincents to the Ohio, by the Ohio, by a direct line drawn due north from; the mouth of the Great Miami, to the said territorial line, and by the said territorial line. The eastern state shall be bounded by the last mentioned direct line, the Ohio, Pennsylvania land the';saM]"tefrHt6rial line:â€" ) Provided, however, and it is further understood and declared, That ,/ the boundaries of these three states, shall be subject so far to be alter-\ ed, that if congress shall hereafter find it expedient, they shall have â- â- ", , authority to fprm one .or, tvvp, states in part of the said ^territpry â- which lies north of an east and west line drawn through the southerly bend or extreme of Lake'Mfch'igan.1'i^nd whenever any of the said states shall have sixty thousand free inhabitants therein, such state shall be admitted, by its delegates, into the congress of the United,.States,., on an equal; footing wi,th.the..original.atates,,an all-respects whatever; and shall; be at liberty to. form .a permanent, constitution and state government: ..Provided, the constitution and gov-ef'rimehtf so to'be' formed, shall'be republicah'/ktid iivâ- c'ohfortn'ity ho the principles contained in these'articles^ and isO far as it'-can be consistent with the general .in(,e:rest;o:f;;;tlve;;confoderacy,,suchr.admission shall be allowed at an earlier period, and when there may be a less number of free inhabitants in the. state than sixty thousand. ARTICXg .VI. There shall be neither slavery nor involuntary servitude in the snid-territory, -otherwise than 4a fhs punishnTentr of cpi;mes;;,whej:eof the -par^yj-ghall have: been ;du:|y ccindieted,;) ;.;:1P-irofi4ed,>always,, Ahat any person escaping into the same, from whom|i].a!b]Qr,:(Q;ri,(service isr lawfully claimed in any one of the original states, such filgitive may be lawfully reclaimed and conveyed to* the person claiming, his or her labor or service, as aforesaid. •'•*â- â€¢' â- .â- â- -, - fm Be'i't ord'aine'd rjy1!t:herauth6ri{y aforesaid/^Tn'at5 trie res'pliitip'riWof tfie twenty-tlhird of April, bhe^thdusand se^veii- Hundred "and eighty^' f0ur,;l*elative to'ithe subjeqt ©ifthisJoHina'ncejrbe/and the;samejare) hb4dddl4di4
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Source Original Book: Acts, Resolutions and Memorials, Passed at the Several Annual Sessions of the Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Utah, 1855
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