Lil' Sojar

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Title Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 07
Subject Pioneers
Description Stories and poems about early Southern Utah Pioneers
Publisher Snow College
Date 1975
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Title Lil' Sojar
Description "Do that," was the gruff reply. Andy went to work in the fields, a job he only slightly enjoyed, and the days dragged uneventfully along. He had joined the Minute Men to fight Indians, not hoe corn; and there were times when he was tempted to mount up and put distance between himself and the fort. Anderson seemed to suspect this, so he offered some uncolicited advice. "Ye got a nice head of hair, son. Take care of it. an' stay right here where we can look after ye." "Look after me?" Andy shouted. "I don't need you or anyone else . . " Anderson ignored Andy's anger as he walked away. After that, the younger men with whom Andy associated helped him to break the monotony, as they all appeared to take the problems of this lone- some, primeval land in stride. Black Hawk broke the monotony. Cattle from south Sanpete were rounded up one dark night and driven into the mountains, and by daybreak the Minute Men were out in number, never suspecting that Black Hawk would be waiting for them. Taken completely by surprise in a narrow canyon, the Minute Men fought an elusive horde of blood-crazed Indians, who utilized every rock and brush in their vicious attack. Quickly realizing that he was greatly outnumbered, and that he would undoubtedly lose his entire comnand should the Indians seal off the mouth of the canyon, Lyons ordered a hasty retreat. The retreat became a disorderly rout, with the enemy firing from ambush. In the thick of it, Andy was getting his first introduction to warfare with an enemy he couldn't even see. He rode hard, the sound of battle and the disorganized retreat swelling up all around him. The pande- monium created by screaming horses, pounding hooves, and screaming angry men, together with volley after volley of gunfire from the hillside, seemed to freeze him and humble his thinking. Try as he did to keep well within the body of men and horses, he was gradually forced to the more dangerous outer edge, and when he felt his horse shudder and stumble, he instinctively threw himself from the saddle. With his last conscious effort he rolled clear and into the shadow of an overhang. Darkness came quickly with a stabbing pain in his head. Andy raised his head and a sick dizziness swept over him.. He lay back while the canyon rolled grotesquely. The battle? That was months ago, wasn't it? Weeks? Days? The canyon was wrapped in a haunting silence that seemed to emphasize a horror that was but a nightmarish dream with spasms of realism. Through a tantalizing mist he noted that the overhang afforded him adequate protection from gunners on the sidehill. He had only to fear a frontal attack from the canyon floor. -45-
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Source Saga of the Sanpitch Vol. 7
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