The Marriage

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Title Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 07
Subject Pioneers
Description Stories and poems about early Southern Utah Pioneers
Publisher Snow College
Date 1975
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Title The Marriage
Description union herself." Pete calmed down, and now it was Black Hawk's turn to look stunned. None of his squaws would have thought of objecting to any of his whims or desires, including the one which had brought each of them into his teepee. The idea that a woman would object to anything a man wanted was novel to him. Finally sensing that this was the only way he would get what he wanted short of using force, and forcibly taking a girl would surely start another war. He agreed. He signaled and a handsome warrior gathered Pete's horses from among the Chief's own string and brought them to Pete. Tying the horses behind, the four men started home. The ride home was made slow because they were leading Pete's horses, and also because of the many questions the bishop's companions had for him. Pete, of course, was the most vocal, but Brother Olsen and Brother Peterson were just as concerned. "What happens if one of the romantic young 'ungs takes it into her head that she would like to be married to the great war chief, Black Hawk?" Pete wanted to know, again thinking of his own daughter, who, though he wouldn't admit it, was a little headstrong. "Or perhaps, what if one a da olda girls takes to the idea ta be a maita, ta help da rest of us ?" added Brother Peterson. He'd joined the saints in Sanpete only the previous fall and had left Denmark only eight months before that. He spoke slowly and brokenly; he tried to speak despite his accent. Pete broke in, really worrying about his daughter now. "What if the others dare one girl to accept and she does?" "There is always the possibility that Black Hawk will get distracted by something more important, a gathering of the Ute Nation, or the like, though not too likely. We'd better arrange something. Bishop, what do you have in mind?" This came from Brother Olsen, the quietest of the group and slow to speech. Strangers often thought him stupid, but on acquaintance found that he was far from it, but instead, had a practical nature which made him weigh all of the possibilities before making a statement. Having given them each a chance to express themselves and fearing Pete, who really wasn't a bad soul but would monopolize the conversation the rest of the way home with mutterings of doom and gloom, the bishop told them the rest of his plan, which also answered their questions and quieted their fears. "Our girls are all good girls." His companions nodded their heads in agreement. "They are also all basically sensible." Pete was an objector to this-he knew different from experience. Seeing his expression, the bishop continued . "Oh, a bit nonsensical at times, but then, what young girl isn't!" To this Pete agreed emphatically, so emphatically in fact that he missed noticing a gopher hole. His horse stumbled, and he almost lost his seat, which would have been about the most demeaning thing that could happen to a man, next to a reprimand from the bishop, that is. Seeing -25-
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Source Saga of the Sanpitch Vol. 7
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