Lil' Sojar

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Title Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 07
Subject Pioneers
Description Stories and poems about early Southern Utah Pioneers
Publisher Snow College
Date 1975
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Title Lil' Sojar
Description dissuade him; nevertheless, he tried again. "Those short legs just won't take you over the country fast enough, Andy, especially uphill." "I'll make out." "What about hand-to-hand combat? There isn't enough of you to be effective." "How about little, but nasty?" He nodded toward the canteen, where the distorted face of the Indian seemed to be watching them. "Taking that?" Rich asked. "Why not? It holds water." When Rich failed to comment further their eyes met, and the bond-age that was theirs was reflected in the look that passed between them. Fate had decreed two different trails, and with the uncertainties that ruled this great virgin land they could only pray that someday their trails would cross again. Thus it was with the pioneer. Early the next morning, Andy rode east across low gray hills, then north over a barren summit and into a shallow basin. Here the high, thick brush clawed at his legs, slowing his progress, as his horse, free-reined, sought out the way of least resistence. Beyond the basin, a low plateau was all that separated him from the long and fertile valley of the Sanpitch. Here he would answer the call of duty. Here he would become a Minute Man against the notorious Black Hawk, Yene-wood, Arropine, Sowiatt, and Ankawakets. Andy was thoughtful as he jogged along. In these perilous times few questions were asked if a man wanted to join up. They needed every fighting man who was willing to take a stand against Black Hawk, who had raided and killed throughout a large territory. Stock had been driven into the hills and men and boys killed while at their farm labors; comnunities had been deserted when settlers were forced to move to the forts, built for their protection. Suddenly Andy's reveries were broken as his horse, shying with a few frightened snorts, side-stepped and then went into reverse motion, all but unseating Andy front the saddle. Andy pulled leather while he shouted commands to his horse, and after the frightened animal had calmed down somewhat, he dismounted, keeping a tight grip on the reins. Detecting a slight movement in the brush to his right, Andy drew his pistol and stepped in that direction, parting the brush with his gun. Andy stopped short when he saw two moccasin-clad feet half hidden in the tall grass. Starled momentanly, as he had expected to find a harm- less animal in the thick brush, he cocked the pistol, then let the hammer -42-
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Source Saga of the Sanpitch Vol. 7
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