The Marriage

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Title Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 07
Subject Pioneers
Description Stories and poems about early Southern Utah Pioneers
Publisher Snow College
Date 1975
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Title The Marriage
Description his chargin, the bishop suppressed a smile and hurried on, detemined not to be interrupted again until he had finished. "And as was mentioned, they do tease and they do have some sacrificial tendencies , coming by them naturally." The brethren all laughed at the intended joke. "Therefore, I propose we keep this agreement to ourselves, but to prevent any of our young girls from feeling they must agree to marriage with Black Hawk to prevent the Indian's wrath, we will announce in meeting Sunday that giving the Indians corn, cattle, and cloth is one thing, but that no demand which requires a compromise of ideals--and enter-ing into a polygamous marriage without the Lord's direction is definitsly that-is to be considered." The sermon that the bishop gave two days later was inspiring and each member of the congregation vowed to set a good faithful example for the redman. The only problem was, Pete's daughter, Mary, had stayed home with a cold, and Pete, being Pete, reprimanded her for the burned biscuits rather than to tell her of the services. So it happened, as it often does when either fate steps in or the hand of the Lord is absent, the following week when Black Hawk came into the fort, Mary was standing at the well. Black Hawk had a habit of coming into the settlement about once a week for supplies for the work his braves agreed to do, but never did. This day, Black Hawk had also decided to acquire his exchange for the horses. And the first attractive girl he saw was the one he wanted. "You." Mary looked around and decided his finger was pointing to her. "You-you be squaw. My squaw." After a moment, Black Hawk's meaning became clear. And Mary, despite her father's opinion of her, was a sensible qirl and had no desire to live in a teepee with no settlement advantages. So, she answered before she really thought, except that refusing on the one hand was unsafe and agree- ing was worse. Turning,she pointed to Niels Poulson, who was across the street loading logs with his father. "Chief Black Hawk, I am honored by your offer, but I have qiven my word to marry Niels Poulson." She continued pointing. The bishop approached. Knowing Black Hawk, but moments too late to save Mary from what he was afraid was happening. Black Hawk turned to the bishop. "This true?" The bishop looked puzzled, so rather unwillingly, Mary explained. "Yes, yes, of course it is true. You know we are truthful people." The bishop profaned. -26-
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Source Saga of the Sanpitch Vol. 7
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