The Pig that Caught the Mumps

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Title Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 07
Subject Pioneers
Description Stories and poems about early Southern Utah Pioneers
Publisher Snow College
Date 1975
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Title The Pig that Caught the Mumps
Description THE PIG THAT CAUGHT THE MUMPS Melba S. Payne Provo, Utah Professional Division Second Place Short Story Curly was a pig. At first he was a runt, that was what papa called him as he picked him up and took him into the house. "The old sow had ten babies last night," he told mama, "This one is so small he just don't have a chance. His brothers and sisters push him around, and be can't get any food or warmth from his mother." Besides mama and papa there was six-year-old Carol. Carol was very sad, because you see, she was having the mumps. Both of her cheeks stuck out like she had a jawbreaker inside each one. Last night her friend Dotty got to wear her beautiful costume and be the Angel in the Christmas pageant. She had cried and cried, and she hurt awful this morning when she tried to eat her breakfast. Everything seemed so sad. "Daddy!" she cried, "let me hold him--please." She took the piglet and held him firmly in her arms while papa placed a box with a blanket in it behind the big black kitchen stove. Carol put the pig in the box and noticed his pinkish, curly tail. "I'll call him Curly," she said. Mama filled a green bottle with warm milk and fitted a black rubber nipple on top. "You can help feed him," she told Carol, who was getting so excited. "I don't mind having mumps any more. It's such fun caring for a pig. I used this same bottle when I fed the baby lambs last summer, didn't I mama?" "Yes dear, but don't jump around so much. It's not good for you when you have the mumps." At first Curly rolled himself into a small pink ball and only wanted to sleep, but Carol scratched his ears and tickled his pig feet. Soon he was nursing hungrily and nursed all the warm milk from the green bottle. For several more days Carol had to stay out of school while she was getting over the mumps. These were fun days. She fed Curly often, and he grew bigger and stronger every day. Sometimes mama let her take him out of the box and play with him. He would squeal and run all around in the kitchen. One day papa said, "Well, Curly, let's take you back to the pig pen. I'm sure you can hold your own with your family now." Curly ran around the room and tried to keep out of papa's reach. He squealed his little piggy squeal and darted everywhere. He seemed to know they wanted to take him away. It was finally Carol who caught him and took him out to the big pig pen. At first he just stood in a corner and sulked. She stayed for a long while, until she saw his mother come close to him and his brothers and -48-
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Source Saga of the Sanpitch Vol. 7
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