The Broken Parasol

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Title Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 13
Subject Pioneers
Description Stories and poems about early Southern Utah Pioneers
Publisher Snow College
Date 1981
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Title The Broken Parasol
Description decided to wait up until Peter's return. About twelve o'clock he came, and a new light was in his eyes. "Oh, Dorothy, I believe we have found the truth at last." They sat until morning marvelling over the wondrous story. Kext evening Peter and Rasmus stayed at home with the children while Dorothy and Caroline went to the meeting. When Dorothy returned, her face was radiant with new life. She had found her God. So strong was the blood of Israel in her, that she recognized RL-n at the first call. So tnankful were they to receive the truth, that they went among their relatives spreading the glad news. But what was the matter? On almost every hand ridicule and abuse raet then. Dorothy's brother and sisters sought valiantly to rescue their baby sister from what they thought was witchcraft, or a snare laid by Satan. Soon the spirit of gathering came upon them and they planned to leave ^11 and go to America. This enraged her brothers so much. that one night they gathered a sob and came to kill Peter so that he could not take their sister into the great unknown America. As they came to the door demanding Peter, Dorothy met them and held them there while Peter slipped out the back door. But where should he go? Everywhere the mob! Suddenly he saw the old, clack wash kettle, and tipping it, he slipped under it. He was none too soon, as the mob rushed around the house threatening to kill him, could they only find hira. But the Lord blinded their eyes and he escaped. Failing to get hold of him enraged them so, they broke all the windows in the house. Baby Hannah, asleep in her crib, was covered with pieces of broken glass, but not one piece pierced her little body. From then on, it was impossible to stay in their loved home. Their relatives were enemies, their friends, strangers. Soon their beautiful home and farm were sold. At last the packing was done and What heartaches for them all, when the children were forced to leave one cherished toy after another. Just before handing the key to the new owner, Baby Hannah ran back, grabbed up her pretty purple parasol and clung to it frantically. "Well, keep it, dear, if it will comfort you any." And so amid tears and sighs, it began its long journey. Soon they were upon the rolling waters. All the new scenes and friends made the childxer. forget their homesickness. Kot so -105-
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Source Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 13
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