Buckskin Gloves

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Title Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 13
Subject Pioneers
Description Stories and poems about early Southern Utah Pioneers
Publisher Snow College
Date 1981
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Title Buckskin Gloves
Description to goodness buckskin gauntlets with leather fringe and brass stars. And besides, they were his Christnas gift fron his Dad. Uncle Andrew, the wise man and good that he was, reasoned that the most logical place the gloves would be was at the spring where we had eaten our lunch. So, he excused us from another day of sort in the sugar beet field and sent us back to the mountains to find the priceless gloves and to teach us a lesson as well. Golly, two holidays in a row. Wow! How lucky can you get? But this time the transportation would not be the same. We would ride double on the oldest, most gentle horse on the farm. He was a work horse so there would be no saddle. We would ride hijn bareback. We mounted, Evan in front and I behiwi, and started out on a trot. But that gait wouldn't last for long. The old horse (I have forgotten his name) didn't know how to lope, only how to walk and trot. We soon slowed him down to a walk for our own comfort, The weather was perfect: cool canyon breezes blowing into our faces. By comparison, we asked ourselves, what would it be like in the beet fields by now, especially with a hoe in your hands. (Well, you get the picture.) Before the sun was too high we were in the scrub-oaks, then in t.hs aspens ^nri finally in t.hp pines. And* about nnontimp, we found our little spot of Paradise again beside that cold spring of water. Everything was just the same as we had left it the day before. Yes, even the gloves were there on a rock ledge above the spring where Evan had placed them. You have never seen a more excited and happy young man when he slid off that horse and bounded for the spring and his gloves. A lazy hour sprawled out on the grass beside the spring, eating the lunch which my Aunt Rosina had prepared for us, would prove to be the "icing on the cake" before that adventurous day would end. But you can't loll around in luxury all day when you have evening chores beckoning you to get moving, and a hot August afternoon for you as soon as you emerge from the cool comfort of forested canyons. Mounting up, He turned old "What's His Name" towards the valley for our long trek home with Evan's hands safely ensconced in those priceless gloves. Do you know that riding downhill, without a saddle, is a lot tougher than riding uphill? Well, it reaOly Is, as we found out before our day was ended. As soon as we left the cool shade of the canyon, the hot sun began beating down on us as if intent on cooking us alive. By that time, too, the back of that old horse seemed to be getting broader at every step, and we were sure we would likely be split in two, right down the middle, any minute. Finally, when we realized that we had gone through all the punishment we could take in one day, we discounted from our upright position, then renounted, but in a semi-prone position On our stomachs, -6V
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Source Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 13
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