Only Love and Faith Could Do It All

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Title Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 13
Subject Pioneers
Description Stories and poems about early Southern Utah Pioneers
Publisher Snow College
Date 1981
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Title Only Love and Faith Could Do It All
Description murmured) "He'd better take heed to the commands in that vision axid treat us fairly, after all we've been through to try to get to his people. He must mean what he promised because he made several trips, In several successive seasons, to beg us to come. He offered virgin land to us free of charge". He was a good chief and took care of his people very well. It was his war-loving brothers, Arrapeen and Sanpitch, who worried Father Morley most. In 18^9, after Parley P. Pratt's exploring party had returned from South Sanpete, the idea of sending people to colonize there was presented to the general assembly at Stake Conference and approved ltnanT mf*n 1*1 y, This was when Father Morley was again called upon to give up his Salt Lake holdings and go as the leader of the thirty families who were sent to settle the first settlement south of Fort Utah (now Provo). He chose Seth Taft and Charles Shumway as counselors. It was they who objected to taking the twenty more families in their company who had just joined them at Fort Utah. Isaac knew it would strain some of their food and other supplies, yet these new families had skills and some supplies that they did not have. Isaac dropped to his knees at this point of his reflections, praying for guidance, strength and wisdom to be able to carry on and get hie people to a new 'this is the place' after all the sufferings and losses they had already had. They had already had one death and he was sura they were being followed and watched by cunning Indian warriors, very curious tvh^ hungry, too. They had left Salt Lake October 28, 184^, with Chief Walker acting as guide, who later became a loyal and dependable friend of Father Morley and who was baptised a year later and taken into the Morley home and re-named Joseph Walker. When neither scouting party in Salt Creek Canyon had returned as darkness overtook these weary, some almost hysterical saints, they made camp. These tired people knew the dangers that darkness almost always brought ajid were very worried about their leader and the other scouts who had not returned. Scanethlng terrible roust have happened to them, "but soon they heard the hearty laugh of 'Thop1 Shoemaker and were really relieved as Father Morley's cheerful voice rang out on the other side of their camp. Later they found that this bitter and sleepless night for some, was the night that for the first time Mormon families had pitched tents and camped in Sanpete valley. Early the next morning Father Morley asked Shumway to scout the trail that WaUcer had shown them, and. he discovered Shumway Springs and suggested to President Horley they make this their permanent settlement. No vote was taken until the next day when -29-
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Source Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 13
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