Manti Creek in Retrospect

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Title Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 13
Subject Pioneers
Description Stories and poems about early Southern Utah Pioneers
Publisher Snow College
Date 1981
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Title Manti Creek in Retrospect
Description MANTI CREEK IN RETROSPHIT Conrad Frischknecht 12225 Shady Wood Lane SW Tacoma, HA 99+98 Senior Citizen Division Second Place Personal Recollection I grew up on the banks of Manti Creek near the mouth of the canyon. I think of the creek as consisting of watershed, surface stream flow and subterranean underground flow to the swamp. The creek, like Mother Hature, nourishes life. I think of her as feminine. Host of the year she was calm as a babbling brook, but after a heavy rainstorm in the early part of this century she could be a destructive, rip-roaring hellion. That's what she was the day I first remember her. That was In the early 1890's when I was about four years old. As I stood watching the flood, three isen on horseback came up the canyon road. Finding the sturdy low-slung bridge deeply submerged, they hesitated. Then I saw the most dare-devil act that I have ever witnessed. Choosing the slightly protected lower side of the bridge, they plunged their mounts into the torrent. Thanks to good horseflesh they made it across the stream and continued up the canyon. At about that moment a hornet or drowned-out yellowjacket stung me on the neck. Bawling I ran for hone, barefeet splashing the soft mud. Scared as I was of floods, I am still a little puzzled to know why I got close enough to a flood to get dunked in it. It happened shortly after the sedimentation dam at the mouth of the canyon was built. There was a. flood and my brother, Wilford, and I wanted to see what was happening at the dam. We entered the area through the earthen spillway. The reservoir created by the dam was brim full. We stood watching the nearby whirlpool created by the outlet tunnel capture small pieces of driftwood. Suddenly the wetted bank where I stood gave away and down I went into the muddy water. I resurfaced where I went down and clutching my brother's outstretched arm I climbed out. I didn't want my mother to know how careless I had been so on the way hone I talked Wilford into sneaking dry clothes from the house. I changed in the cob shed. At Manti in the 1890's, two cow herds were driven to pasture daily. The herds were made up of milk cows s\t\A some dry stock. One herd was driven to the cow range which was located at the end of the Brigham Field Lane. The other was made up in the upper part of town and was driven into the canyon. We kids who did the herding were paid at the rate of l£ a head per day for any neighbor's stock. We had lots of tine to play. On warm days we would shed our clothes and get into the water. When the current became strong enough to carry a single boy downstream we would hold hands, forming a chain ---¦•¦-.....~ -a-
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Source Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 13
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