From Porker to Pork

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Title Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 13
Subject Pioneers
Description Stories and poems about early Southern Utah Pioneers
Publisher Snow College
Date 1981
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Title From Porker to Pork
Description FRCH PORKEH TO POHK Vernon F. Larsen 3981 Frultvale Avenue Oakland, GA 9^602 Senior Citizen Division First Honorable Mention Personal Recollection I remember it well, ray ninth birthday, November 8, 1915. Our neighbor walked slowly up the path to our house carrying a twenty-two rifle in his hands. As children He were frightened of guns, and had been taught they were dangerous. Then we remembered what had happened last year and was about to happen again. Daddy was prepared. He had dug a large hole in the back yard and built a wooden platform in front of the wagon shed. He had brought cur wooden barrel from the granary and placed it in the hole, leaning the edge onto the platform. These preparations were in anticipation of this day when one of our pigs was about to transformed from "porker to pork," The neighbor, a professional butcher, carried two sharp knives together with ropes and pulleys that Daddy called a "block and tackle.'1 He said that with this equipment, any mar. could lift heavy objects by himself. He called it "mechanical advantage." The neighbor had a cup-shaped device with sharp metal edges. It would be used to scrape the hair off the pig. Because the hair was bristly and hard, it would have to be soaked in hot water. Daddy had prepared for that, too. We got the often-used circular iron tripod* filled a laundry tub with water and set it on a sagebrush fire. The tripod held the tub about twelve inches above the ground, so there Has ample room for a blazing fire. The water must be boiling by the time our butcher needed it. During the summer Daddy had insisted that the pig be fattened, so each day a double portion of wheat bran was added to his regular diet of skin milk and kitchen leavings. The pig got real chubby. Now the daily chore of feeding an extra pig would be eliminated, but it offered little comfort. We disliked what was about to happen. As we hid in the house we heard a sharpshot. Daddy said this was necessary so that the butcher could drain the blood from the animal. Soon I ventured to the wagon shed. There was the pig lying on the platform. The butcher had placed hooks into each of its hind legs and Has dunking it into the barrel of boiling water. He dunked it in, pulled it out, dunked it again, and finally determined that the bristles were softened sufficiently. He used the cup-like scraper vigorously and soon there appeared a clean white carcass. It was then that the butcher hung one of the pulleys from the block and. tackle onto the cross-beam of the wagon shed. H3 fastened -54-
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Source Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 13
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