The Secrete of the Old House

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Title Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 12
Subject Pioneers
Description Stories and poems about early Southern Utah Pioneers
Publisher Snow College
Date 1980
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Title The Secrete of the Old House
Description little sister's disappointment, he relented. "I guess we might as well. At least it's something to do." Their mother, busy in the kitchen, rejoiced that they had found a way to content themselves. Interest grew as the game progressed. When Marlin's second turn came to be "It", Delray glanced around desperately. Where could he hide this tijne? They had already used all the good places. Suddenly he thought of the coat closet-perfect! Martin was almost through counting; he'd have to be quick. He made a dash for the closet, anns outstretched to part the coats, and cane up hard against the wall. The next instant he almost collapsed from fear. Part of the wall had given away! But fear quickly turned to surprise as he found himself staring into a tiny secret room securely hidden under the sloping stairway. "All eyes open-here I cone," finished Harlin, but Delray neither heard nor cared. The part of the rail that had swung out at his headlong thrust had formerly been a space between two shelves. His father had re-moved them to ntake roont for coats, unaware that they concealed and disguised a hidden door about thirty inches square. "I see you, " sang out Marlln and ran to touch the goal. But something was wrong. Delray wasn't coming. "Delray, what are you do-----," Harlin's voice trailed away as he joined his brother. "Wh-what is it?" he whispered. "It's a room-a secret room." The older boy spoke in awed Lynette not) joined them, which provided the signal for action. "Mama! Come here. Quick!" "What are you kids up to now-----," Mother stopped short. "It's a room, Mama, a secret room," the boys explained excitedly "It-sure looks like it. But there's not much light. Let me get one." Even Mother's usually calm voice was a bit shaky. When the light was shined into the space, it revealed a small room, possibly four by eight feet in size. Harks clearly indicated that the floor had once been covered with a homemade rag carpet. Fragments of the carpet still remained in places. Higher up on the wall a narrow strip of plaster and lath had been removed to provide fresh air and a bit of light. The door was held tightly In place by a stiff spring, perhaps twelve inches long, which was secured by a heavy wire. A "button" fastening, made of wood, had been placed so the door could be locked from inside the room. -110-
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Source Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 12
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