I Look Back

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Title Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 12
Subject Pioneers
Description Stories and poems about early Southern Utah Pioneers
Publisher Snow College
Date 1980
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Title I Look Back
Description I LOOK BACK Lois Brown Manti, Utah Non-Professional Division Third Place Personal Hecollection "Oh, Manti doesn't change. It is still just the same." I smile ani nod at these remarks as friends long absent drive hurriedly down Manti's Main Street. They are right! Manti Main Street still stretches all the way from Temple Hill and the curve at the north to the big house ami the curve at the south. The business district Is still about three blocks, and hones still line the street from the business district to the curves. This ay friends see and then drive I see these same things, but I also lock back and I see Kain Street when we were very proiai of the narrow cement in the middle, while at each side there was mud or dust, depending on the season. Hitches and weed-and-grass-covered ditchbanks lined the street. Smooth sidewalks stretched fron one end of town to the other, and we skated for fun and transportation. To and from school, the Horary, the stores we skated, soaetimes alone, often in crowds, racing, falling, shouting a warning to unheeding pedestrians along the way. Schools and business houses posted signs, "Please remove states before entering." I look back at a school block with a stately old red rook build-Ing with two big arched doors. Over one door la inscribed "Boys," over the other "Girls, " and I see children lined up by grades waiting to be marched in straight lines to musical accompaniment into the building. I see a wooden fence axound the entire block, and I feel again the exhilaration of walking around the entire block without touching ground. I also feel the chagrin as I look down at a torn dress caked in mud as the result of failure to successfully negotiate passing another fence-walker coming from the opposite direction. There were two sets of revolving gates usually loaded with small children waiting for a free ride as people turned the gates in order to go into or from the school block. At the north side of the library was an iron pipe once used for hitching horsesi then used as a piece of playground equipment. Children swarmed over the bars executing all kinds of gymnastic feats, small boys with short hair dressed in over-alls, and girls with braids and dresses, showing yards of petticoats and blooners and long cotton stockings as they ¦blrled around the bar, I see the interesting places where I stopped on my way to and from school. Parry's corner had as many as fifty grave-stones on display. Some were tall and graceful, others massive, and some had a carved, angel or a baby or a Xamb, and there were such beautiful -97-
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Source Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 12
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