The Fourth of July Show

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Title Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 12
Subject Pioneers
Description Stories and poems about early Southern Utah Pioneers
Publisher Snow College
Date 1980
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Title The Fourth of July Show
Description THE FOURra OF JULY SHOW Elizabeth Jacobsen Story Cheyenne, Wyoaing Non-Professional Division Second FLace Personal Recollection Even now I become emotional a.*"l fearful when I rmanber the 4th of July show in 1920 when I was a child growing up in Mt. Pleasant, Utah. It Has the glorious 4-th of July celebration and I was five years old. This year I had teen chosen along with many other South Ward Primary children "to put on costumes and. ride on a. horse-drawn wagon in the 4th of July parade this early morning. My mother had dressed me in an authentic costuee for the occasion. I was wearing long socks, high-buttoned shoes and an off-white coat with a "bertha collar trimmed with fine lace. The bonnet I wore on ray head was a lovely "blue bonnet which was trimned with blue ribbon bows. It tied under my chin with two streamers of blue ribbon. All the costumes and children were adorable. We were an excited group of young children really having a great tins. Then it happened. There saaned to coae out of nowhere some riders on horse-back who looked exactly like wild Indians with feather headdresses and all. They rode close by the wagon and were whooping and hollering like Indians. Then one of them came close to our wagon and grabbed me about the waist and dragged »e froa ay place on the wagon onto his horse, and we rode off. I was screaking and kicking and struggling with all my might and all the time renembering tales of Indian massacres and torture that I had been told. I was absolutely terrified. When eventually the Indian impostor let me down into the arms of a strong bystander and I was asked my name and who my parents were, I could not speak a word. I was hysterical. Bleu somehow my father found me in the crowd and I felt safe again, I could then speak, but only softly at first. Today at present I have found in an old photo album with pictures taken by Kodak in the 1920's a small picture of the two men dressed as Indians and myself dressed as the little Pioneer Girl, I do not look too happy in the photo about the whole thing, but a thought now occurs to me as I recall this day. Yes, I had really been the star actress this day. I had played the role of a frightened little five-year-old Pioneer girl as if it were for real, and even though I had been an unwilling actress in the draaa, I had played my part, very well without any rehearsals. It must have been the best performance of my life on any stage or in all the other parades I've been in since. I had played my role with feeling. -95-
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Source Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 12
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