God Blessed the West

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Title Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 12
Subject Pioneers
Description Stories and poems about early Southern Utah Pioneers
Publisher Snow College
Date 1980
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Title God Blessed the West
Description "I trust the Chief, too. It's his brothers and their trans-lent friends that have stirred all this up!" She was yelling at the top of her voice, both trying to make Sully hear above the din from the hen house and from near hysteria. "George Franklin, thank you. Now you must see to your ohti securing at your place." He left, telling then to "stay inside and bolt the door!" He did want to save the things he had brought to taerlca after he joined the Church, and then on down here when he followed aaily to this rattlesnake, Indian-infested place. His horse, ready for action after having stood tied all afternoon, objected when he tried to rein hijn in to see what was going on at the Bowery. "John Lowry has volunteered to go. We need two good men to go with him.*' George Franklin's hand shot up. "Thanks, my boy, but we'll need you young whlppersnapperE to move at a clip to reinforce and defend the Fort if our gifts and peace Rission fail." There was finality to Father Morley's voice and George knew that what he said was Gospel around here. The women cane with food, blankets and trinkets. Hoh they hurried, these sturdy women, and they were Lucy's first concern. Work-worn and not as genteel-looking as in pre-Nauvoo days, they could be gentle when someone needed gentling, because gentility is Inherited and is all but incurable. Prayers aiid goodbyes were hastily said as Lucy, her eyes dark as two burned holes in a blanket, gathered these women into her wagon, piling them in like many "blackbirds in an open, pie," and delivered each one home. She pinched her aching eyelids tight on the throb of a growing headache. Many women would lia sleepless this night and all the nights their men were gone. She looked at- thi-S jade-green plain with lilac mountains guarding. She thought, "How beautiful. Even the cactus flowers were as showy as Hibiscus back home. No! They would not give up. They had suffered too much for this will, empty country that both touched and alarmed her. "We are helping to write history on this clean, unspoiled virginity of land!" She urged her horses on, for she and all the women had seen at gut level what happened to those caught unaware! They waited, prayed and all but despaired many times. "So cold for this time of year," everyone said. The men traveling the slippery, dangerous trails thought the time long, too. They dared not stop, sleep, or dry themselves by a fire. All felt they had been watched and followed from first day out. They knew each day could be their last. -27-
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Source Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 12
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