Katie's Feda Bag

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Title Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 12
Subject Pioneers
Description Stories and poems about early Southern Utah Pioneers
Publisher Snow College
Date 1980
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Title Katie's Feda Bag
Description KATIE'S FEDA BAG Melba S. Payne Provo, Utah Professional Division Second Place Short Stoiy The late November air was heavy with impending rain or snow. Katie Hansen and Rebecca Jensen Here walking slowly hone fron school. One of the ten-year-olds had a problem and the other one hbs advising her. "Just tell yer Ha you won't wear that smelly old thing. It's mean of her to make you." Each time Katie thought of the asaf etlda bag that was hanging around her neck* under her dress, she got in an attful mood. Why couldn't her mother be like other mothers. Why did she have to stick to those crazy old pioneer customs anyway? She thought of the copper bracelets her mother wore around her wrists and how they seemed to make the blue veins show up along the back of her hands, and her knuckles look large and bumpy. She thought now of their arguments and how her mother always won with the words, "It's because he love you, Katie, and we don't want you to get sick. Non put It on, please.n She warned her p^gai ti that with so such flu around they must not be careless. Katie had been so busy with these troubled thoughts she had hardly listened to Rebecca who was saying---- "Use some spunk kid. Veil, here's your gate, goodbye." Then she added as she walked on, "See you lit the Horning----minus the garlic." That's what it smells like! Garlic-only worse, thought Katie. As she went into the house she decided to think of a plan to gat ride of it. That night when Katie went to bed, she put a stinky little bag in a imiii tin box and placed it under her bed, "At least I can take it off at night," she told herself. "Wother hasn't checked me for a long time." She lay in the dark trying to figure a way out of this unhappy situation which seemed to get worse every day, yes, even every hour! Maybe I should talk to Daddy, she thought, remembering how kind he aliteys was, especially semetines when he held her on his lap and ran his fingers clumsily through her long hair. It Has then he would get a far away look In his eyes and say, "You have hair like your mother's, honey-soft and golden." Katie knew that it was her angel mother he was talking about and not this new mother who always broke in on these precious moments, saying, Thomas, you are making a. baby out of Katherine. You Hill never let her grow up." -32-
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Source Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 12
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