My Worst or Best Fourth of July

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Title Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 17
Subject Pioneers
Description Stories and poems about early Southern Utah Pioneers
Publisher Snow College
Date 1985
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Language eng
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Holding Institution Snow College
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Title My Worst or Best Fourth of July
Description better have been erased from my memory long ago, except for three lessons it taught me, lessons that have, I hope, been useful to me. First, I was humiliated by the fact that mischief I had intended to conceal had been revealed. I would not forget my chagrin over that. Second, the pain I suffered from the burned flesh on my right thigh undoubtedly made me remember that "playing with fire" is a dangerous pastime, not a jolly one as I had meant it to be. The boomerang effect of my prank proved to be a good teacher. The third and the best lesson I learned edged its way into my memory bit by bit, deeper and deeper, over a span of years. For occasionally during periods of solitude and meditation, I remembered how a wise mother handled the incident. When I tore off my coat and pants and mama saw the raw flesh on my burned thigh, she quickly went to the medicine cabinet where she kept a large can of Watkins Petro Carbo Salve (I believe I have remembered the name correctly, for during my youth I used it many times), gently applied it to the open wound, retrieved some clean cloth from the rag bag and with the deft skill learned in rearing a family of two girls and six boys (I was the youngest), wrapped my thigh in a soothing and beautiful bandage, I say "beautiful" because she had been well-schooled in the art of applying bandages and balm, both real and psychologica to hurt flesh and spirit. If she scolded me, I suspect she did so as gently as she applied the bandage to my thigh. I do not recall even a gentle scolding. I had been punished enough. I had learned some lessons I would not forget. 1 would remember that she loved me and had cared for my wound without adding to my misery and embarrassment by chiding me. Physical pain and mental torture might yet help to redeem this foolish, wayward son, who, in the bright light and shame of exposed mischief knew he had let her down, ------Isn't it logical for me to suppose that thoughts like these must have gone through her mind, along with some wonderment about the great variety of trials and troubles a large family could create? Multiply by 18
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