My Dream House

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Title Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 30
Subject Pioneers
Description Stories and poems about early Southern Utah Pioneers
Publisher Snow College
Date 1998
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Title My Dream House
Description On 10 July 1929 1 married Willis Madsen During our first year we homesteaded in Scofield. Our daughter Man Louise was born on 11 April 1930 at my parents' home in Mt. Pleasant. After Irving with my parents for a year, we rented the Jensen home a block east But Willis and 1 wanted a home of our own. Eighteen years had passed The house came into focus again The elder Simpsons had passed away, their family moved from Mt Pleasant and had rented the house to the North Sanpete School District superintendent. In early 1932 it was put up for sale My interest was rekindled We made an appointment for a morning At long last I was going to see the interior of the house 1 remember coming in the back door to a kitchen and dining room filled with April sunshine. The house was large, with twelve-foot ceilings, but the sunshine made it seem warm and cozy. Mother Madsen was with us. We decided to immediately to take it-though the price was a little high $ 1,900 We tried to get it cheaper, but Eva held to her price and returned 10 Salt Lake City. After thinking it over. Willis wrote an offer of $1,900 At the same time she was rethinking it and sent us a letter saying they would accept $1,800 The letters crossed in the mail, so we compromised at $1,850. Mother Madsen made a down-payment. we were to pa> the remainder al 6 percent interest The next time 1 saw the house was at 5.00 in the afternoon It had changed Without the morning sun. the house was dark and dreary ! had never seen ceilings so high or rooms so dark My throal lightened my eyes filled with tears-but I couldn't let anyone see. After all. I was the one who had wanted the house We moved in. What furniture we had seemed dwarfed and wrong for such a big house. April was cloudy and cold, the sun never once came in to brighten my oppression. I was so homesick for my little Jensen house that I couldn't do a thing but mope 1 tried to put on a good front, but Willis knew something was wrong I couldn't work couldn't eat. couldn't even talk without choking up. Mother and Mother Madsen sensed what was wrong and tried to talk me out of my lethargy, but I was so unhappy 1 couldn't stand it Because I'd always loved making things attractive. 1 tried hard to busy myself arranging furniture, etc But it was no use I continued to lose weight Finally Willis said. "Let's try living here six months Then if you're still unhappy, we'll sell it" When I knew I could get out of a bad bargain, my spirits lifted, and bit by bit I got back to normal 154
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Source Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 30
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