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Identifier genteel_gentile
Title The Genteel Gentile, Letters of Elizabeth Cumming, 1857 - 1858
Creator Canning, Ray R.; Beeton, Beverly
Subject Utah Expedition, 1857-1858; Frontier and pioneer life; Polygamy; Letters
Subject Local Cumming, Elizabeth Wells Randall, 1811-1867; Utah War, 1857-58
Description Letters Elizabeth Cumming wrote to her sisters-in-law describing her adventures accompanying the Utah Expedition from the Missouri River to the Salt Lake Valley in 1857-58.
Publisher Tanner Trust Fund University of Utah Library, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Contributors Series Editors: Cooley, Everett L.; Madsen, Brigham D.; Tyler, S. Lyman; Ward, Margery W.
Date 1977
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Source The genteel gentile : letters of Elizabeth Cumming, 1857-1858
Language eng
Relation Is Part Of: Utah, the Mormons, and the West, no. 8
Coverage 1857-1858
Rights Management University of Utah, Copyright 2001
Holding Institution J. Willard Marriott Library, University of Utah.
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Topic Frontier and pioneer life; Polygamy; Letters; Utah Expedition (1857-1858)
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Title Genteel Gentile, index, page 108
Description i cported to 40 n 4 Cumming, Oa vid, relationship to Alfred dim ni sng, xii Christmas, at Camp Scott, 26, 26 n. 1 dimming, Elizabeth Wells Randall, photograph, frontispiece; letters Clarke, H. F. (Captain), member of Utah Expedition, 39 u. I. previously published, ix, depository of letters, x, xvi n. 7; bio- Clay Joseph relationship to Alfred Cummin;;, xii graphical sketch, xi-xii; description, xi, 26 n. 1, 71-72, 90 n. 5, 99 n. Cobblestone Hill Camming party reached, 67-68 9, 101; died, xv, 101; left Utah, xv; returned to Augusta, Georgia, xv; Communication, cleft stick method, 69, 69 n. 3 letters from, 3-5, 6-7, 8-10, 73-19, 19-24, 25-32, 33-36, 37-3S, 39-42, Cooke, Philip St. George (Colonel), commander of dragoons of Utah 43-45, 46-50, 31-53, 54-57, 58-63, 67-79, 60-86, 87-90, 91-99; prepare Expedition, 6 n. 1; military assignment, 6 n. 2 for journey to Utah, 3-4; description of journey to Camp Scott, Correspondents, ste Journalists 13-14; foot frostbitten, 14; living conditions al Camp Scott, 15, Cradlebaugh, John, associate justice of Utah Territory, xv 19-24; Christmas cclebiatkm, 26-27; facsimile of letter, 55; served Craig Columbus L Indian agent 79 n 18 di> secretary to husband Alfred, 61, bl n. <1; account of trip from Cumming, Alfred, brief biography, xii-xiii; character, xii; appointed ^ B«dgW l0 Great Sail Lake City, 67-7b; left Fort Bridge,- for governor of Utah Territory, xiii, 3 n. 2; photograph, xiii; spent Great Salt Lake City, 67 67-68 n 1; met WUIiam Staines 78 n 14; winter at Fort Bridge, xiv; died, xv, jrjl; left Utah, xv, 101; returned housekeeping problems 87-SS, 88 n. 2; social duties, 89, 59 n. 3, to Augusta, Georgia, xv; sought peaceful ,K-«>,nmodaHon with ^ »¦ ^ visiied Mary Ann Ange Young, 89 n. 3, 92 Mormon;,, xv wife Elizabeth died, xv, 101; bead of Indian affairs dimming, Henry, relationship to Alfred Cumming, xn in Misso 11, 3 n. 2; orders from Secretary of Slale Lewis Cass. 5 n. Cumming, John, relationship to Alfred Cumming, xii 7; traveled to Great Salt Lake City with Thomas Kane to meet Cumming, Joseph, relationship lo Alfred Cumming, xii wiih Mormons, 33, 33 n. 1; letters from wife Elizabeth to, 39-42, Cumming, Joseph Bryan, relationship to Alfred Cumming, xn; wrote 43-45; conflict with Albert Sidney Johnston, 41, 41 n. 6; Mormons filmily history, xii attitude toward, 13 o. I, 92, 94; military and civil officials attitude Cumming, Mary, relationship to Alfred Cumming, xii toward, 43-45, 43-44 n. 1, 44 n. 2, 45 n. 3, 46-47, 59-60, 60 n. 3, Cumming, Saiah Wallace, relationship to Alfred Cumming, xii; lived &1-62 61 n 5; successful negotiations with Mormons, 46-47- account witl) Alfred Cumming, xv; biographical information, 2; letter from of trip to Great Salt Lake City with Thomas Kane, 47-49; met Elizabeth Cumming to, 67-79 Mormons on trail to Great Salt Lake City, 48 49 n. I; Mormon Cumming, Thomas, relationship to Alfred Gumming, xii accounts of Cumming's trip lo Great Salt Lake City, 49 n, 1, 49 n. Cumming, William, relationship to Alfred Cumming, xii 2, 49 n, 3; reported news of family to William Stowell, 50 n. -<!; Cumming, William, relationship to Alfred Cumming, xii; alienated ington J. McCormick secretary of territory pro tern, 54 n. I; opened Gumming:,, James VV., Nauvoo I egion officer and prominent Mormon, transcontinental road to travel, 54, 54-55 n. 2, 58-59 n. I; disbanded 78> 7S "¦ 16 Mormon militia, 54-55; attitude towaid "letter-writers," 56; reaction Cuthbert, Annie Davis, 37; relationship lo Alfred Cumming, 31 n. 6 to actions taken by civil officials in Camp Scott, 62; attitude toward Mormons, 63, 92 n. 3, 94; left with family and party for Great D City, 88; titles, 91 n. 1; description, 101 Dotson, Peter K., United States marshal of Utah Territory, xiv; umming, Jr., Alfred (Captain), 83; biographical information, 13 n. 2; winter at Fort Bridgcr, xiv; led party sent to arrest Mormon relationship to Alfred dimming, 13 n. 2; description, 31, 31 n. 5; 3; party turned back by Mormons, 62, 62 n. 6 solicitous of Elizabeth Cum tiling's welfare, 38, 2.P. n. 3, 41 Dudley, Nathan A. M. (Lieutenant), member of Utah Expedilio umming, Ann Clay, relationship to Alfred Cumming, xii 41 n. 5 108
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Source The genteel gentile : letters of Elizabeth Cumming, 1857-1858
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