Genteel Gentile, index, page 110

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Identifier genteel_gentile
Title The Genteel Gentile, Letters of Elizabeth Cumming, 1857 - 1858
Creator Canning, Ray R.; Beeton, Beverly
Subject Utah Expedition, 1857-1858; Frontier and pioneer life; Polygamy; Letters
Subject Local Cumming, Elizabeth Wells Randall, 1811-1867; Utah War, 1857-58
Description Letters Elizabeth Cumming wrote to her sisters-in-law describing her adventures accompanying the Utah Expedition from the Missouri River to the Salt Lake Valley in 1857-58.
Publisher Tanner Trust Fund University of Utah Library, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Contributors Series Editors: Cooley, Everett L.; Madsen, Brigham D.; Tyler, S. Lyman; Ward, Margery W.
Date 1977
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Source The genteel gentile : letters of Elizabeth Cumming, 1857-1858
Language eng
Relation Is Part Of: Utah, the Mormons, and the West, no. 8
Coverage 1857-1858
Rights Management University of Utah, Copyright 2001
Holding Institution J. Willard Marriott Library, University of Utah.
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Topic Frontier and pioneer life; Polygamy; Letters; Utah Expedition (1857-1858)
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Title Genteel Gentile, index, page 110
Description Little Mountain, Cumming parly reached, 73, 73 n. 8, 74 Me Me Allister,_________ (Major), member Nauvoo Legion, 30 MeCormick, Washington ]., appointed secretary pro tern oi Utah, 54 n. 1; removed fiom office by Alfred Gumming, 54 n, 1, 62; in party to arrest Mormons, 60 n. 3; party turned back by Mormons, R Randall, Anna Chcckley (Hannah Adams Randall), relationship to ElizabeLh Cumming, xii, BO n. 2, 98 n. 8 Randall, Belinda, relationship to Elizabeth Cumming, xii, 80, SO n. 2, 98 n. 8 Randall, Wells, relationship to Elizabeth Cumming, xii Randall, John, relationship to Llb.ihrth Cumming, xii Randall, John Witt, relationship to Elizabeth Cumming, xii, 80 n. 2, Randall, Maria Hayward, relationship to Elizabeth Cumm ,ii, 80 unable to find accommodations in Great Salt [..ike City, 82 M Mail, length, of time between Great Salt Lake City and States, 89 Marcy, Randolph B. (Captain), member of Utah Expedition sent to Fort Union for horses and mules, xiv. J5 n. 4; captured Nauvoo Legion officers, 1,3, 13 n, i; correspondent for1 i\Vtih Yotl. tfi'ruld, 5dn . Maitm, Edward, in command o^ handcart company, 14 n. J Mills, Madison (Dr.), member of Utah Expedition, 39 n. 1; supported Alfred dimming, 40-41 Mormon War, song, 30 Mormons, burned army sunply wagons, -1; attitucfe toward Alfred Cumming, 43 n. 1, 92; met Alfred Cumming and Thomas Kane on trail to Great Salt Lake City, 48; account of Alfred Cumming's trip into Great Salt Lake Ciiy, 4<5 n. 1, 49 n. 2, 49 n 3; Alfred Cumming's actions to help disaffected, 51 n. 1; militia disbanded, 54-55; dissidents, 51 n. 1, 58, 58-59 n. 1; parly sent out with writs Of arres! foi le.sdi.Ts of, 60, 60 n. 3; party turned back by, 62, 62 n. 6; fortifications in Echo Canyon, 70, 70-71 n. 5; conditions between Utah Expedition soldiers and, 83-8-1, 92 n. 3; Gentile view of, 84 n. 7; observations on, 94-95, 94 n. 4; observations on women, 95.90, 95-96 n. 5, 96-98; polygamy, 95-96 n. 5, 96-93, 97 n. 7 Morrcll, II. F., postmaster of Utah Territory, xiv; spent winter .it Fort Bridgcr, xiv P Parleys Canyon Golden Pass Road 75 n II Polygamy, set Mormons Powell, La/.irus Whilehead, member Utah Peace Commission, 59-60, 59 n. 2; arrived Camp Scott, 59 n. 2; traveled to Great Salt Lake C itv, 69; unable to find accommod.itsons in Gieat Salt L.ii^e City, 82 Rich, L. L. (Lieutenant), member of Utah Expedition, 41, 4 1 n. 5 Rockwell, Orrin Porter, 30; met Alfred Gumming and Thomas Kane, 49 n. I, 85, 85 n. 9 S Salt'Lake City, >lv Great bait Lake City ' Sibley, Henry I I. (Major), member of Utah Expedition, 15 n. 5, 39 n. I; in charge of Fort Brtdger, 29 n. 3 Simons, Ben, took salt to Utah Expedition forces, 20 n. 2 Sinclair, Charles E., associate justice of Utah Territory, xv Smith, Anne Eliza Cumming, relationship to Alfred Cumming, xii; lived with Alfred Gumming, xv, 101; biographical information, 2; letters from Elizabeth Gumming to, 3-5, 6-7, 8-10, 13-18, 19-24, 25-32, 33-36 37-38, 46-50, 51-53 54-57, 58-63, 80-86, S7-90, 9"l-99 Smith, Charles 1- (Colonel), member of Utah Expedition, 39 n. 1 Smith, Gerrit, abolitionist, xii; biographical information, 50 Smith, Lot, led Mormon militiamen against Utah Expedition, 9-10 n. 3; description of destroying an army supply train, 10 n. 3 Smith, Peter Sken, relationship to Alfred Cumming, xii; died, 80, 80 n. 1 5now, Eliza Roxey, poem to ladies accompanying Utah i'xpedition by, 27-28 n. 2 Staines, William C, Cummings lived in home of, xv, 76-77; description of home of, 77; photograph of home of, 77; philosophy of, 77 n. 13; trowel], Cynthia Jane, wife of William"Rufus Rogers btowell, 68 n. 2 Stowell, Sophronia, wife of William Kufus Rogers StowelL 68 n. 2 Stowell, William Rufus Rogers, Nauvoo Legion officer captured by Utah Expedition forces, 13, J.3 n. 1; description of capture by army, 1.6 n. 6; incarceration .11 Camp Scott, attempted escape, alleged no
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Source The genteel gentile : letters of Elizabeth Cumming, 1857-1858
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