Washakorie's Curse

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Title Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 28
Subject Pioneers
Description Stories and poems about early Southern Utah Pioneers
Publisher Snow College
Date 1996
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Language eng
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Holding Institution Snow College
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Title Washakorie's Curse
Description When the school obtained a movie projector around 1940, the library became the audio-visual center, and some strange things occurred. Teacher Clair Madsen was the only one allowed to operate the projector, but there were times when he would unlock the library, and find the projector running, even with no film loaded. On one occasion in the author's experience, the projector suddenly stopped, then started running backward, with no operator intervention. Sometimes unusual images would appear on the screen that were not on the film, and although the films were black and white at the time, a red tint would appear, then fade away. The projector was finally returned to the supplier as defective. In the mid- 1940's when the author's father was custodian of the school, a custom arose, which, in retrospect, could have had disastrous outcomes. The three floors of the school had slanting ledges on the outside, at the window bottom level. The ledges were about six inches wide, and ran all the way around the building. A brother of the author noticed that he could climb from the fire escape to the ledge on the bottom floor, then carefully and skillfully move along the ledge and actually go all the way around the building. With his success, others followed, and soon a club of "ledge monkeys" was formed. On occasion, someone would fall off, from about six feet off the ground, but no serious injuries resulted. Then the ledge pioneer decided to try the second floor ledge. There was no room for error now, for it was about sixteen feet off the ground. After his success, others followed, and soon a group of ten boys were members of the second floor ledge gang. After being chased away by a school board member, the group operated after dark, which made the activity more dangerous and also more challenging. Finally, the temptation of the third floor ledge was too much to resist At twenty six feet off the ground, and in the dark, this challenge became a sort of rite of passage for the boys who were in on the activity. A fall would surely be fatal, so the boys would follow below the ledge climber with a safely blanket, thinking that would save any unfortunate who slipped. Five boys eventually mastered the third floor ledge, but the sixth resulted in catastrophe, almost. Arlo S., age 16, made it half way around the building, followed below by six boys holding the blanket As Arlo paused at the window of the library on the north side of the building, he peered into the interior. A piercing scream penetrated the night air, and Arlo's flailing body hurtled outward and down. His guardian angel leapt into action. A blue spruce, some twenty feet in 114
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Source Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 28
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