Hans Didn't Quit When it Rained

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Title Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 28
Subject Pioneers
Description Stories and poems about early Southern Utah Pioneers
Publisher Snow College
Date 1996
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Title Hans Didn't Quit When it Rained
Description removed anything that would impede the flow of the precious water to the fields. This was not the easiest of farm jobs, but one of the most necessary. As we moved across the road and were making our way along the edge of Ball Mountain, the clouds became heavier and a slight mist began to fall. I looked down in the fields to the west where men had been working; they were moving toward their vehicles, gathering up their tools and getting out of the fields. 1 looked up ahead of me and noticed that Hans did not show any signs of stopping. Noticing that the distance between him and me had widened some. I increased my pace. thinking that he probably had some stopping place in mind a short way down the ditch. This proved to be a false assumption. The clouds gathered thicker, the rain fell more rapidly, and I could no longer see the men working in the fields below; as a matter of fact, I could no longer see the fields at all as the mists of rain and clouds obscured my vision. Soon all I could see were the nearby trees and bushes, the ditch, the rain and Hans ahead of me. Surely he would quit soon. The ditch, which had been only damp, now had about two inches of water and mud in it. When I laid my shovel aside to roll out one of the big rocks, my hands became covered with mud. At first I wiped them on my pants which were getting wetter and wetter. After a while I just left the mud on my hands. The shovel handle was slick when I tried to grip it to chop at the sod and roots of the brush. My hands would slide down the handle, so I gripped harder in order to exercise some control of this instrument of labor, the shovel. My jacket was soaked, my straw hat had lost its shape, and now the brim bent down so that the rain had a perfect channel down the back of my neck. My shoes were heavy with mud. and I would often slip as I tried to get footing on the edge of the ditch. Every time I looked up, I would see Hans moving on, showing no sign of quitting or slowing down. Soon it seemed that all I could see was the ditch, the mud. the rain, and Hans ahead of me. Others had left the field. Why were we still working in this muddy ditch? "Is this what men do?" I had worked on the farms around Ephraim, but this was one of the first times I was expected to take a man's share of the load of the work and hold up my end of the job. I 40
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Source Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 28
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