A Frick-A-Dill Picnic

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Title Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 28
Subject Pioneers
Description Stories and poems about early Southern Utah Pioneers
Publisher Snow College
Date 1996
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Title A Frick-A-Dill Picnic
Description Mom wouldn't be to happy about that I thought. But it also had many of the little amber beads Mom had told us about. Quickly 1 gathered some of the little treasures and popped them into my mouth and began chewing. That's what you do with gum--you chew it. Don't you? But to my amazement I ended up with what felt like a mouthful of sand and even worse it really stuck to my teeth. Very concerned and yelling loudly, I ran to find Mom trying to spit out the "sand" as I went. Upon finding her, I explained my problem. I'm sure she got a chuckle out of it, but she certainly didn't let me know that "Do you have more gum," she asked. 1 proudly handed her some, and after putting it into her mouth, she exclaimed. "You probably didn't get it moistened enough before you started chewing it. Remember. I also told you to chew very carefully when you first start." I intently watched as she chewed the gum and very soon she handed me a blob of that wonderful pink pine gum. Instantly it was in my mouth. It tasted great and I happily ran off in search of more, all the while thinking Mom just has to be the smartest Mom in all the world. I had almost finished filling my little pine gum pouch when 1 got a faint smell that immediately caught my attention. Mom had the Frick-A-Dills frying. I was sure of it. I would know that smell wherever it was. The smell of Frick-A-Dills frying over an open sagebrush fire will never be equaled. So. what is a Frick-A-Dill? It's a small round German meatball that is seasoned to a perfection. That's what it is. No, It is not a hamburger-it's a Frick-A-Dill! Racing back to camp. I arrived just as Mom was "buttering" the bread slices by moving them around in the frying pan drippings. Next, she put two of those wonderful little Frick-A-Dills on each slice of bread and you have the best sandwich in all the world. With our sandwich and a plateful of piping hot pork and beans that had been lightly dusted with sagebrush ashes, we all sat down to a picnic dinner that we kids will never, ever forget. A little later. Mom got the marshmallows out. The fire had burned down to glowing embers that were Just perfect for roasting marshmallows to a golden brown. We kids all tease each other over who will be the first one to catch one on fire. Well, I lost and after blowing out the flame, my marshmallow was kind of black and not very inviting. But when I offered it to Mom she graciously accepted It and thanked me for It and I was proud. All too soon the sun began to sink into the west The old 7
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Source Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 28
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