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Title (1876) The Compiled Laws of the Territory of Utah, Containing All the General Statutes Now In Force, 1876
Subject Law
Description (1876) The twenty-second legislature in 1876 authorized compilation of all statutes then in force. The poorly organized compilations of 1855, 1866 and 1870 finally gave way to a modernized codification topically arranged by broad subject titles, in some cases, more specific chapters within titles, and numbered sections. Additionally, each section throughout the compilation is given a separate consecutive number. Reference is made to these in a content summary preceding each title or section. A much more thorough index is provided. No separate session law volume was published for 1876.
Date 1876
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Title Title 5_page 155
Description COMPILED LAWS OF UTAH. 155 (329.) Sec, 63. Resignations of officers shall be sent to Resignation, their respective battalion, regimental, brigade, division, or district commanders, and may be accepted by them, subject to the approval of the lieutenant general: Provided, that Proviso the name of the officer presenting such resignation shall be continued on the rolls with the appropriate remarks opposite his name until the mind of the lieutenant general is known on the subject: Provided further¦, that in case the ptX)Vi80. acceptance of the resignation of an officer by such commander, is not approved by the lieutenant general, said officer shall be continued in his office, subject to the same rules, laws and regulations as formerly. (330.) Sec. 64. When an officer shall leave the limits vacancies, of his district, to be absent for a longer term than one year, the lieutenant general may, on application of two-thirds of the officers of the command to which such absent officer belonged, cause an election to be held in the command, for another to fill his place; and immediately on such election being held, the commission of the absent officer shall become void, and the name of the person appointed to supply his place, shall occupy the place of his name on the rolls; otherwise his name shall be retained, and he may at any future time resume his post in the command. (331.) Sec. 65. When a commissioned or non-commis- Accusation of sioned officer, musician or private is accused of a capital £§§££. offense, it shall be the duty of the accuser to prefer his charge in writing, on affirmation, and present it to the commanding officer of the district, separate battalion, regiment, brigade or division to which the accused belongs; or if such commanding officer is himself the accuser, the charge shall be made out by him in the same manner; and sucli original charge shall be forwarded by said commanding officer, with his suggestions, or remarks and signature, to the adjutant general's office. It shall be the duty of the lieutenant general, within thirty days after the receipt of such charge at the adjutant general's office to order a general court martial, to consist of not more than twenty-three, nor less than nine members, to be detailed as equally from the several districts of the legion, as the good of the service will allow, for the investigation of the case and the trial of the ac- Provlao cused: Provided, that nothing herein contained shall be so construed as to prevent courts of inquiry being called in the respective districts, separate battalions, regiments, brigades, or divisions, for the investigation of any charge pre-
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Source Original Book: The Compiled Laws of the Territory of Utah Containing All the General Statutes Now In Force
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