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Title (1876) The Compiled Laws of the Territory of Utah, Containing All the General Statutes Now In Force, 1876
Subject Law
Description (1876) The twenty-second legislature in 1876 authorized compilation of all statutes then in force. The poorly organized compilations of 1855, 1866 and 1870 finally gave way to a modernized codification topically arranged by broad subject titles, in some cases, more specific chapters within titles, and numbered sections. Additionally, each section throughout the compilation is given a separate consecutive number. Reference is made to these in a content summary preceding each title or section. A much more thorough index is provided. No separate session law volume was published for 1876.
Date 1876
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Description 90 COMPILED LAWS OF UTAH. Section. 77. To take charge of standard weights and measures. 78. Fees. 79. To examine and test weights and measures. RECORDER OF MAKES AND BRANDS. 80. Establishing general office for recording marks and brands. 81. Auxiliary office in every county. 82. Duties of persons wishing to have recorded mark or brand. 83. Duties of general recorder. 84. To publish recorded marks and brands. 85. Duties of clerks of auxiliary offices. 86. Penalty for using or defacing brand of another. STATE AND COUNTY ROAD COMMISSIONERS. 87. Providing for election of State road commissioner. 88. Duty of State road commissioner. 89. Same. 90. Duty to make contracts. 91. County court to appoint county road commissioners. 92. Duty of county road commissioners. 93. Duty of commissioneis provided for by this act, 94. Damages may be appraised. 95. Must advertise for labor and material. 96. Construction of last section. INSPECTOR OF SPIRITUOUS LIQUORS.. 97. Office of inspector of spirituous liquors created. 98. Inspector to be appointed by governor. 99. Liquors to be inspected. 100. Duties of inspector. 101. Hydrometer adopted. 102. What shall be deemed the strength of spirits. 103. Penalty of selling without inspection. PENITENTIARY AND WARDEN. 104. Inspectors of penitentiary changed to " board of directors." Section. 105. Penitentiary to be under control of directors. 106. Election and qualification of warden. 107. Directors to appoint certain officers. 108. Duty of directors. 109. To have free access for inspection, &c. 110. Directors to report to Assembly during first week of session. 111. Warden to receive prisoners. 112. Duty in case of violence or resistance by prisoners. 113. Warden to furnish clothing in certain cases. 114. No communication with prisoners without consent of warden. 115. Male and female prisoners to be kept separate. 116. By instruction of directors, warden may offer reward for escapes. 117. In case of fire convicts may be removed. 118. Spirituous liquors forbidden. 119. Privileges and duties of warden. 120. Duties of clerk. 121. Posse may be summoned in certain cases. 122. Auditor to issue warrants for relief of warden. 123. Warden may lease penitentiary. 124. Lessee constituted assistant warden. 125. Convicts may be hired out. 126. What convicts may be put to hard labor. LIBRARIAN AND LIBRARY. 127. Election and duty of librarian. 128. Term of office and qualification. 129. To make catalogue, and preserve from waste. 130. May commence suit to collect fines &c. 131. Location of library. 132. Care of books, &c. 133. To contract for room. 134. Appropriation for library. 135. No farther expense. 136. Construction of law, as to removal. Auditor. An Act to provide for the appointment of a Territorial treasurer and auditor of public accounts. [Approved January 20,1852.] (44.) Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the Governor and Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Utah: That a Treasurer and Auditor of Public Accounts shall be elected, by the joint vote of both houses of the Legislative Assembly, whose term of office shall be four years and until their successors are
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Source Original Book: The Compiled Laws of the Territory of Utah Containing All the General Statutes Now In Force
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