His Shoulder to the Wheel

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Title Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 09
Subject Pioneers
Description Stories and poems about early Southern Utah Pioneers
Publisher Snow College
Date 1977
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Title His Shoulder to the Wheel
Description Cap kept trying to talk her down. His keen eyes and ears told him how serious the situation was. He raised himself with great effort again, to tell her to lie down. Lucy heard him cry out...and she knew he had been hit and had taken an arrow! This made her more hysterical than ever! Cap urged his faithful team to try to run faster. This was very difficult; even trotting in harness is no easy task. He was trying so hard to cling to the buggy's tongue with is arms and to the double-trees with his feet! Both felt like lead, as though they were frozen! He was also near panic at feeling the warmth of his own blood, as it spurted from his shoulder and soaked through his heavy clothing. He was desperately afraid that he would lose conscious-ness, then Aunt Lucy and his prized team would really be in trouble and at the mercy of these crazy, wild, savages, that hooted and shouted obscenities as they almost caught them! Old Sal hesitated only once. She jerked hard against the bit and double-tree, but sped on right after as if nothing had happened. "Never mind, Old Gal Sal, I know you've been hit by an arrow, too, but we'll have that little scratch fixed up in no time once we get home." He could not see where she had taken the arrow, but he felt the flecks of her blood drifting back as it poured from her wound. It was so cold that it froze into almost hail sized drops! The Indian ponies were fast, and they were gaining, and all Cap could do was pray and urge his team on. He felt helpless. Someone had been on lookout, because the gates of the Fort swung wide as Calp's buggy approached. He usually sig-naled with a piercing whistle whenever he needed to get in in a hurry, but Cap did not whistle today. Just as they raced through, old Sal dropped to the ground. Everyone, con-cerned more with Cap, thought she had dropped from exhaustion, but had Cap been conscious he'd have told them why she fell! All who had gathered there heard her groaning sigh as she fell. All except Lula. She was too busy trying to dis- -64-
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Source Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 9
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