Together Again

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Title Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 06
Subject Pioneers
Description Stories and poems about early Southern Utah Pioneers
Publisher Snow College
Date 1974
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Title Together Again
Description Uncle John's letters to the folks in his native Sweden told of his business activities and the opportunities in this new and undeveloped land. These letters Uncle sent back to the old country told convincing stories of the Mormon mission-aries, religious salvation, and life beyond the grave. They were strong tools in winning converts. Utah was the place where new religion found sanctuary and freedom of worship. It is a Mormon belief that if a person lives his religion and is endowed in a temple he may gain eternal life. Along with a new religion, Utah was also given the oppor-tunity to take up land under Federal grant. Records are not available as to the number of children born to my great grandfather and great grandmother. Two sons attended an Erickson reunion some years back that were living in the Northwest. It is my conclusion that the grown children of the family were migrating to America, otherwise I can see no logic in great grandparents coming to Utah. They were old people when they arrived, perhaps 69 years old. Birth dates show great grandmother to be five years older than grand-father. With some of the family already over here, the convincing story of the Mormon missionary, the great opportunities in the new undeveloped west, decisions were made. As far as I know, my Swedish ancestors were tradesmen. Certainly people of most modest means. A family migration was organized. Sailing from Sweden (no record of the date) was my Great Grandfather Erick Phresson, born in Appsala, 1818. My Great Grandmother Greta Lisa Frojd, born Stockholm, 1813. My grandmother Erica Katrina Petterson, born Uppsala, 1841. With Grandmother were her two daughters, Erica, age 12; my mother Louise, age 5; and Aunt Ellen, who was to be born in America. It is not known what the real facts were as to why Grandfather did not come with his wife. It has been stated that he had not been converted to Mormonism and held bitter feelings. It was understood, however, that Grandpa was to come later. As Grandma and the children boarded the boat, little did she know that this was the last time she would ever see her husband. Grandpa never got to America; there is not record of what happened. I asked by mother if she could remember about the trip across the ocean. What had impressed her to a lasting memory was the great number of sea sick people, the filthy conditions of the rest rooms and the decks. Here they were; three adults, two children, not one of them able to speak a word of English, leaving their home- land for a strange and unfamiliar land. It must have been the responsibility of the Mormon Church to meet them at the Eastern seaboard and escort them across the plains. I have thought so much about the great faith they must have held. Transportstion mostly by team and wagon. The weeks of plodding oxen over bumpy, dusty, roads was wearing on the old great grandparents and was expressed by my great grandmother when they arrived at the little log house in Oak Creek. Climbing down off the wagon, looking at the little log house, looking at the undeveloped, raw, untamed landscape, she dropped to her knees, hands folded, face skyward, the simple words, "Heavenly Father." No one in the family is able to put the meaning to those two words. Was she glad to be at the end of the journey where her weary body could find rest? Was the little humble home of Uncle John's disappointing when she must have read about this home to be the dream of her final years? Was it the brush and wilderness that surrounded the few homes of the little village? -21-
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Source Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 6
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