Heap Burn

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Title Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 06
Subject Pioneers
Description Stories and poems about early Southern Utah Pioneers
Publisher Snow College
Date 1974
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Language eng
Rights Management Snow College
Holding Institution Snow College
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Title Heap Burn
Description He stretched his imagination aImost to the end, trying to picture how any of this would change the people, their way of life, and how in years if the White men stayed here, how would his valley change? Tabiona must have felt it a good and a wise thing find his conscience burned with confidence. He tucked it under his arm and traced his steps from the barn, back up the street to where the people still milled and Brother Brigham still counseled the people, one by one. Tabiona waited shortly for a lull in the action and then burst himself through the bands of the circle. Finding himself face to face with Brother Brigham and revealing his treasure, in all its splendor. In a foreign tongue, he uttered simply, "Heap burn!" A momentary silencc came over the group. Everyone in earshot froze. The general feeling of happiness and joy melted as ice in the sun and spread to appre-hension, uncertainty and fear. No one really knew Tabiona and his people, how they thought, what they desired. Even more, not one person there could communicate well with Tabiona, for even as often as he had paused, wandered in any spot of the settlement, no one had yet even begun to understand his tongue. The cloud of apprehension and uncertainty remained for long, thick, slow minutes. He had blurted enough, just enough for them all to understand; he was very sure. But Tabiona could feel no reaction. "Why" stretched in his mind. His previous qualms raced back in pain. "They really could care less for its blackness and warmess." He began to fill, with embarrassment, not anger, just the ear tingling-ness of embarrassment. Men are weak and at times very bad judges of people and circumstances and in a flash of weakness, see things as they aren't, misjudging time after time. Yet in the weakness of misjudgment the pressure of time folds minds, and corrupts to a finer fraction of a weak decision. Brother Brigham spoke under his breath, "I feel we should take special measures with this hostile savage. I was assured that the tribe here was safe and peaceable!" He was a wise, experienced man, but today he had misjudged as he slipped behind several people for added protection. "Wait, wait just a minute there!" an earnest cry arose from the rear of the tension filled crowd. "Don't do anything. I know what he means to say. Hold up a minute!" John Price forced his way breathlessly through the crowd, himself near Tabiona's side. Pausing for a breath he continued, "Look at that rock closely, all of you. Doesn't anyone recognize it?" Price turned his eyes to Tabiona and calmly reached out towards the rock. As his fingers reached the coolness of its surface, Tabiona broke into a smile and turned it over to Price. At the signal the tightness of everyone's breath was loosened. Price, realizing his conquest of the situation, again blurted his previous inquiry to the crowd. "Surely someone knows what it is I'm holding?" "I'll be darned if that don't look like Pembroke pit coal to me," came a slowly spoken answer. "That is it exactly gentlemen!" No finer strain have I ever seen in all of old (Pembroke) Wales." Price was shaking with an excitement no one else had yet sensed. "Brother Brigham, do you know what this lump of coal could mean to this valley and the Deseret? If there is more like this, a lot more, our young settlement could -38-
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Source Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 6
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