We'll Take Care of You

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Title Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 06
Subject Pioneers
Description Stories and poems about early Southern Utah Pioneers
Publisher Snow College
Date 1974
Type Text
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Language eng
Rights Management Snow College
Holding Institution Snow College
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Date Created 2005-02-26
Date Modified 2005-02-26
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Title We'll Take Care of You
Description "Why does Aunt Mary come over here every day? Mama says she isn't really our aunt. We just call her Aunt Mary because she doesn't have any children. She's always crying. Sometimes she makes Mama cry too. I wish she would stay home." Myrle looked disgusted too. "Mama always makes us go out to play when she comes," she said. "Sometimes I hate Aunt Mary. Why does she always have to be cold and hungry? Why can't she laugh just once?" After a while, Aunt Mary came out of the house. She carried a pail of milk and a loaf of bread. Her white hair was partially covered with a black scarf which she wrapped tightly about her neck with her free hand. Her shabby black coat barley covered her this body. It was so long that ti swept the ground. Her light blue, watery eyes served only to intensify her sad look. The children watched her until she disappeared in the distance. Then they went into the house. "Mama, why does Aunt Mary come over here every day? You never have time to tell us a story, or read to us anymore." Myrle looked sad and Mama did look serious too. "Would you children like to hear a story--a true story?" "Oh, yes ," they cried in unison. "All right, I have time to tell it right now. Curl up on the davenport and make yourselves comfortable. I will sit here in the rocking chair. When I finish, we'll have a little treat." "Quite a few years ago," Mother began in her beautiful silvery voice, "there lived in this little town, a small girl named Sena. This little girl lived with her grandparents because her mother had died when she was born. Since her father had no one to take care of the tiny baby, he gave it to the grandparents to rear; and since the baby's mother was also Sena, the tiny baby was soon called 'Little Sena" by everyone." "Peter and Dorothea Mogenson, Little Sena's grandparents, were hard-working people who believed that their children should learn to work. Even Little Sena had to work as soon as she was old enough. Some days she fed and watered the big draft horses and milked some of the cows when Grandfather had to be away. Sometimes she weeded and watered the garden, picked vegetables, and helped with the cooking. There seemed to be no end to the tasks for her." "Grandfather was a very busy man. He worked in the community, helped people when they were ill, and often he helped his grown children to build their homes. Perhaps Grandfather didn't realize that he asked Little Sena to do so many hard tasks. Often she was sent to tend babies for the grown children while they hauled water to do their washing, or make soap, or even go to dances. Little Sena resented being kept out of school to do these things, because she loved her school more than anything else in the world." "Although Grandfather and Grandmother Mogenson were very good to Little Sena, she longed for someone closer to her own age who had more time to listen and talk to her." -32-
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Source Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 6
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