One Extravagance in 25 Years

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Title Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 06
Subject Pioneers
Description Stories and poems about early Southern Utah Pioneers
Publisher Snow College
Date 1974
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Title One Extravagance in 25 Years
Description ONE EXTRAVAGANCE IN 25 YEARS Kathy Lynn Oakey Ephraim, Utah Second Place Short Story The portrait hangs inconspicuously in a gilt frame. Hassard sits with a hand on each kneww. Catherine stands beside him, one hand on his shoulder, the other at his side. Both are dressed in black and white--their Sunday best. That morning Hassard had come in early, skipping his breakfast, so as to only have to come back to the house once, to have that dapper photographer from the city take this dad-burned portrait. Catherine had gotten up extra early. She had the wash done and bread in the oven before seven. Now as she waited anxiously for the photographer to come up the walk, she reached above the stove for the sugar bowl. One five dollar gold piece, three silver dollars, a nickel and a two-cent pieces-egg money saved for a year. Now the wisdom of having the picture done wasn't so plain in Catherine's mind. But then, after 25 years wasn't one extravagance acceptable. Sitting in a chair by the table, her mind slipped back to the first time she and Hassard had met. It was in '51. She and her parents had just arrived from England and joined the Saints gathered on the east bank waiting for the first caravan west of the spring to start. They had been out about three weeks and Catherine knew most of the girls and a few of the men. They had circled for the night and with the others her age, she was helping with the oxen. Suddenly, they heard the sound of gunshots and fright-ened shouts from the camp. Herding the oxen before their, they ran for camp. In a matter of seconds the Indians had surrounded them. One particularly fierce brave jumped over the wagon tongue, grabbing Catherine's hair and unsheathing his knife in one swift movement. At the very moment that the Indian prepared to part her from her hair (yes, indeed, she had assured the children years later, the Indians had tried to scalp the early settlers), Hassard had appeared from nowhere like the proverbial knight in shining armor, frightening the Indian off with his brandished shotgun. Under the circumstances, what could she do but collapse in his arms, letting him kiss her right there in the middle of one of the few known Indian attacks on the Mormon settlers. A fact that still makes her blush after 25 years of marriage, that kiss. And that was their romantic beginning. The courtship which followed was not nearly as exciting, but it seemed perfect to Catherine. He had begun that very evening to try and win her heart and had continued all of the way to Zion. Sometimes he'd help her with the oxen, other times he'd come to supper or they'd just walk in the star-lit evening. They were married three days after reaching the valley. Looking back now, it really wouldn't seem like much, especially to a stranger: the simple ceremony, -34-
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Source Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 6
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