He Called Me Godfather

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Title Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 08
Subject Pioneers
Description Stories and poems about early Southern Utah Pioneers
Publisher Snow College
Date 1976
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Title He Called Me Godfather
Description Her husband dropped to his knees beside the bed and she clung to him. I quickly hung the sheets, and as I turned away from the little walled-in sanctuary, the stranger was drying his hands. I noticed how dainty and white they were . . . almost womanish. When our welcome benefactor disappeared behind the curtain, first assuring me with a friendly smile, I lay down behind the stove, using my slicker for a pillow. A weighty problem had been lifted from my mind, even as suddenly as it had begun, and somehow I had a feeling that all was well. The warmth from the stove soon took command of my weary body and I fell asleep. How long I lay there I do not know. Strange dreams came and went like fleeting shadows, while all the time I seemed to be in an intermediate state between sleeping and waking, but I could not waken. I was a miniature life cast in a vortex of incomprehensible things, seemingly severed from my ordinary relations, frustrated and without sanctuary. Some strange power seemed to be driving me toward a distant horizon where a single, dim light was showing. With a dense blackness all around me, I was aware that I must somehow reach that faint beacon, and as I broke into a stumbling run, I heard a woman crying, and then from that dense void I heard another voice, one so gentle in its comforting that I could not associate it with any voice I had every heard. Then I discovered that the phantom light in the east was moving toward me while the darkness around me dissolved into a strange white glow that seemed to fill all space. Exceeding peace had taken command of my weary body; and I was experiencing an exhileration of soul which was so new to me that I failed to associate it with any emotion I had ever felt. "You are a Godfather," came that pleasing voice again. "She is asking for you. Will you come?" I opened my eyes. Someone was holding the lamp close to my face, and then, as it moved away, I saw the stout figure of the stranger retreating across the room, I rose and followed him. The sheets were parted for me, and in that dimly-lighted nook, I looked down on a colorless face and into two radiant eyes -50-
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Source Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 8
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