He Called Me Godfather

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Title Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 08
Subject Pioneers
Description Stories and poems about early Southern Utah Pioneers
Publisher Snow College
Date 1976
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Title He Called Me Godfather
Description irregular eddies about me, blinding me and distorting my percep-tion of direction. Covering my face with my neckerchief, I gave my pony free head, realizing that my only hope of finding shelter was to depend on his keen senses. My destination that day was a home-stead, which I had been told was located near this wagon trail. It had been my intention to spend the night there, then to continue on to the settlement at the gray hill early the next morning. Early darkness soon closed in, and as my pony battled his way against the rising wind, I felt its cruel bite penetrating my slicker. Visions of cowboys frozen in the saddle, and of grotesque forms standing dead against the fences where they had huddled for protection, flooded in on me. Now and only now had I had occasion to think about these things. Ghastly in their death were these hideous brown statues of animals that would fall only when winter released its vicious grip. A sudden hysteria seized me. I wanted to put spurs to my animal and dash ahead in a frenzied search for shelter, but just as suddenly, without effort on my part, a calmness came over me, imparting a sensation which I could not comprehend momentarily. I would have ridden past the dimly-lighted house had not my pony stopped at the gate and whinnied faintly. On numb and trembling legs I got the gate down, then led my horse to the stable, where I stripped off the saddle and gave him a brisk rubdown. Then closing the barn door tightly, I lowered my head against the driving wind and trudged toward the house. In response to my heavy rap, the door flew open as if by magic, and a pale and trembling young man stood outlined against the dim light of an oil lamp. Without invitation I entered and he closed the door quickly behind me. "Thank heaven," he exclaimed, tugging at my coat, and as I slipped out of it, he began to babble, almost incoherently. "There's warm food on the stove, then we've got to get the team from the lower coral. We've got to get her to town . . ." "Hold it, mister," I said as my eyes became accustomed to the dim light. "What's this about taking someone . . . where?" -47-
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Source Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 8
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