He Called Me Godfather

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Title Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 08
Subject Pioneers
Description Stories and poems about early Southern Utah Pioneers
Publisher Snow College
Date 1976
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Title He Called Me Godfather
Description My answer came in the form of a low moan, and from a tumbled bed in the corner, the tear-filled eyes of a young woman looked out at me. As I stood staring, perplexed, she smothered another moan while her fingers dug into the patchwork quilt. Then I understood. "We didn't expect the baby so soon," he babbled on. "There's a light wagon in the shed . . ." "You're taking her out in that blizzard?" I exploded. "We've never been to the settlement, but they say there's a doctor there. It can't be far. We're new here, you know . . ." His fingers dug into my arm. His desperation was uncontrollable. "God knows she's got to have help . . '." "It's impossible!" I persisted. "You'd both die!" I flung his hands away from me. "Get hold of yourself. . !" Suddenly I wanted to bolt the place and take my chance in the storm. I was helpless and frightened. I was confused. Then suddenly I had a strange feeling, a fleeting impulse that came and went and returned, even as a thought will come and go, and I heard myself whispering, "God help us . . ." Strange and unreasonable, this thing which had passed through my mind, this ritual not susceptible of explanation which I had considered as merely an assurance for juvenile minds, for children at an adult knee. This had never been part of my living. A sudden scream from the bed snapped me back to reality. I stood looking down at her, a rough man in a rough world. A strong man now reduced to a helpless, trembling thing who could command no action. The woman was crying again and the man was attempting to comfort her, while stark realities flooded in on me. She would die . . . the baby would die, two helpless creatures in a big and lonesome nowhere. I felt weak and sick as I contemplated my own utter uselessness. A sudden pounding at the door startled us; and trembling with confused expectations, I spun around to swing it open. -48-
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Source Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 8
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