A Hole in the Snow

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Title Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 10
Subject Pioneers
Description Stories and poems about early Southern Utah Pioneers
Publisher Snow College
Date 1978
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Title A Hole in the Snow
Description distinct footprints become obscure as they filled up with the drifting snow. Looking beyond the disappearing trail she could now see a group of horses with buffalo covered mounts moving in a group in the direction of her cabin. Bringing the horses to a stop, what looked like six or seven braves dismounted and walked toward the cabin. Adella thouaht she could see two or the Indians leave the main group and walk behind the log house. She strained and squinted, watching each movement of the Indians as they screamed silently within her. Thinking that by watching she might soineho w dissuade the Indians from their path, Ad el i a continued her vigil. She saw the Indians encircle the knoll How could I have been so foolish, she again scolded herself, her body now shaking and sobbing from within. Dropping humbly to her knees sht prayed vocally to the Lord, entreating Him for the safety of the child. She stood again a few minutes later and saw the men astride their spotted horses riding in the direction from which they had come. Had they found the baby and decided to leave with the unexpected bonus? She could do little now but watch, wait, and pray. As soon as the Indians seemed She arrived, out of breath, knelt beside the undisturbed hiding place and scooped the snow from off the buried child. Beneath it Susan lay unharmed, her tiny body sweating profusely; the snow had served as good insulation. Ecstatic, Adelia picked up the baby and pressed her against her breast. To the left and right of the hole where the baby had lain were irinutnerable moccasin prints. Silently she whispered a prayer of Qratitude^ rose to her feet 5 steadied herself, and moved toward the cabin, following the Indian tracks in unstained snow. (Salt Lake City: Tribune Job Printing Company, 1898) p. 183, 184. Barbara Lee Hargis A Folk History of the Manti Temple: A Study of the Folklore and Traditions -45-
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Source Saga of the Sanpitch Vol. 10
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