A Hole in the Snow

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Title Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 10
Subject Pioneers
Description Stories and poems about early Southern Utah Pioneers
Publisher Snow College
Date 1978
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Title A Hole in the Snow
Description and harden before being cut into brick-like chunks. Dousing the coals, she walked toward the log structure she called home and entered the one room cabin. To her left on the kitchen cupboard was a battalion of dried apples lined up lay likewise drying for winter storage. The corn crop had that if the Mormon settlers planted corn, they would not go hungry. What had been the food of the Indians for centuries sustained the newly arrived saints in the Sanpete Valley. As Adelia walked toward the pine cradle, baby Susan, her soft innocence enveloped by hand-made guilts, did not stir. The cherubic being was heaven sent, a delight to both George and Adella. She had just begun to laugh and goo and was the first of eight children who would eventual 1y come to the Sidwell home as they obeyed the Lord's command to multiply and replenish. Susan seldom cried, giving Adelia time to accomplish the innumerable tasks that were a pioneer woman's lot. Hearing the sounds of young voices outside the cabin, Adelia glanced through the open door in time to see the two young daughters of the Washburn family race by, their long homespun dresses covered with white pinafores. They raced along side by side-the young a inirror image of her q!der sister--hitting the metal hoops that once encircled the wheel of a wagon--with long sticks. Adelia watched with pleasure the exuberance of the youna girls in their attempt to keep the hoops upright as they bounced from one rock to the next, serpentining sagebrush as they rolled. "Sarah," Adelia beckoned, attempting to shout above the laughter of the two girls, "Come here a moment. I have something for your mother." "Hello. Adelia," Sarah replied as she ran to the door "Come on, Mary Ann. Let's go see Adelia." A visit to Amelia's home was always a treat, and Mary Ann and Sarah often planned afternoon play so that it would bring them close to Sidwell's cabin. Their mouths watered as they thought of newly churned butter and honey heaped into sticky mountains on hot, homemade bread. "I guess you girls wouldn't care for a piece of new bread, would you?" Adella teased, wiping a lock of blonde -40-
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Source Saga of the Sanpitch Vol. 10
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