Portals of the Progress

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Title Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 10
Subject Pioneers
Description Stories and poems about early Southern Utah Pioneers
Publisher Snow College
Date 1978
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Title Portals of the Progress
Description An interesting addition to the shoe department was a shoe button machine. As most people wore button shoes at that time* they were constantly losing or breaking the buttons. That machine gave them an opportunity to replace the buttons, a popular feature. In those somewhat relaxed and uncomplicated days, we were still having cellars under our homes and buildings. They were real cellars, not basements, dark and damp caverns, usually, but they fascinated me, for some myster1ous reason. of the building. Two narrow barred windows provided meager light. A yellow light bulb hanging from the ceiling offered a dim supplement to the windows. I was pleased when a clerk would allow me to accompany him to the cellar to fill a customer's can with aromatic kerosene. I liked to hear the song of the liquid as it imprisioned itself in the can like the magic spirit in the old fairy tale. After the can was filled I was allowed to jab a gumdrop firmly on the spout. After the clerk had departed up the creaking staircase 1 often remained happily in the room with the dim light bulb casting weird shadows over the rough rock walls ana the indistinct conglomeration of objects--rotund vinegar and coffee barrels, boxes of shiny boots and rubbers, stacked up wooden buckets of candy, coils of rope and fat balls of twine. I wa s glad that the large gunny sacks filled with peanuts al ways had generous holes in the corners. The variety of bulky emanated the most intriguing and indescribable odors imaginable. Shortly after Thanksgiving our family spent an evening were pried open and we lifted out the toys--adiniring, examining and demonstrating to our heart's content. Looking back now, I sometimes wonder if we didn't enjoy that evening almost as much as Christmas itself. The country store of those days belonged to a more more effortless living, but where is the charm, the individuality, the magnetic atmosphere, the actual enriching of -76-
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Source Saga of the Sanpitch Vol. 10
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