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51 Computerized automated pulmonary disease diagnosis1984-12ir_etdText
52 Comparison of the biochemical and oxidative reactions of aureomycin-resistant and aureomycin-sensitive strains of micrococcus pyogenes var. aureus1952ir_etdText
53 Psychiatric nursing intervention in depressed elderly patients1971-06ir_etdText
54 Development and testing of a paragliding device for disabled pilots2015ir_etdText
55 Neonatal physiologic jaundice and visual-motor development at age six years1979-03ir_etdText
56 Methodologic Framework to Identify Possible Adverse Drug reactions Using Population-Based Administrative Data2010-05ir_etdText
57 Modulation of biogenic amine enzymes1980-06ir_etdText
58 Effects of physiological alterations and pharmacological agents on maximal electroshock seizure pattern and recovery time1955-06ir_etdText
59 Neural stem cells in early development2003-12ir_etdText
60 Physiological markers of human breast cancer1980-06ir_etdText
61 Toward a critical nursing process: nursing praxis1983-08ir_etdText
62 Inflammatory responses to Borrelia burgdorferi lipoproteins1993-12ir_etdText
63 Development of assays for measurement of blocking and modulating autoacetylcholine receptor antibodies using rhabdomyosarcoma cells1993-12ir_etdText
64 Drug modification of chloride transport in the choroid plexus- cerebrospinal fluid system of the rat1986-06ir_etdText
65 Survival of skin allografts and xenografts in germfree mice1971-08ir_etdText
66 Electric field levels inside a human cadaver during near field radiofrequency irradiation at 27;12 MHz1984-06ir_etdText
67 Spirituality and experience of being a member of a family with heredity breast and ovarian cancer2006-08ir_etdText
68 Effects of an individual prescription diet during pregnancy on infant outcome: Phase II1984-12ir_etdText
69 Effects of autogenic relaxation and guided imagery on insomnia in the critically ill adult1997-12ir_etdText
70 Type specificity and purification of the capsular antigen of a major type of Staphylococcus aureus1970-08ir_etdText
71 Chemical studies of antibodies and other serum gamma globulins1954-07ir_etdText
72 Purification of inosine monophosphate by thin layer chromatography and detection of inosine monophosphate within cellular messenger RNA1999-08ir_etdText
73 Shigatoxin 1 regulates vasoactive factor production by human glomerular epithelial cells2000-12ir_etdText
74 Evaluation of database software in a medical environment1986-08ir_etdText
75 Use of a human patient simulator with undergraduate nursing students: a prototype evaluation of critical thinking and self-efficacy2004-08ir_etdText
51 - 75 of 21,700